LG G6 Review: The Best Flagship of 2017

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We loved the LG G6. I think that quite obvious that we even named it as the best flagship of 2017 here at Tech Patrol. Stay tuned as we share our LG G6 Review.

Functional features, solid build, nice implementation of the dual rear camera, fast charging and so on. These are few of the reasons why we loved the G6.

Build & Design

I think this is the flagship device that you can carry in your pocket without having to worry if it might have scratches or whatnots.

The implementation of the glass at the back with the heavy-looking metal edges brings back the classic design of a smartphone.

Although we no longer see some of the DNA of the G5, the original placement of the power button at the rear is still ideal and its functionality never failed us.

There is a two-piece volume control on the left. Up top the 3.5mm audio jack and a noise-cancelling mic. Down at the bottom is the USB Type C with fast-charging support, another noise-cancelling mic and the speaker grille.

We missed the IR blaster which they introduced in the old G series flagships.

Software & UI

There is Android 7 Nougat on board the LG G6 and our overall experience is smooth. There are no apps crashing.

On-screen buttons are customizable, I only used the usual three-button-setup. You configure this thru the Settings, Display and Home touch buttons.

The home screen is customizable as well. If you like the old school type with the app drawer present, you can do so. There are three options to configure this. Tap Settings and Display and choose “Select Home”.

The display of the LG G6 has QHD Plus FullVision (2880 x 1440) with 564 ppi and 18:9 Aspect Ratio.


The shooters of the G6 is what makes the device stand out. The dual 13MP camera has been perfected by LG already.

If you need a camera for a group shot or a landscape type of photography, the first 13MP is right there to support you.

On other occasions, tight shots, and portraitures are perfectly done by the second 13MP camera.

And the 64G internal storage will compensate in taking 4K resolution video. However, for optimal results, the 1080P 60fps is still the best configuration.

Here are the sample shots.


The G6 is equipped with 3,300mAH battery. This maybe a little underwhelming, however, the fast-charging will compensate.

Using the original charger and the USB Type-C cable, you will have no problem in filling up the 3,300mAH.

The battery can be filled with 50% juice in half an hour and immediately full after 1.5 hours using the charger provided.

Overall Performance

Great phone. Solid design. Perfected camera configuration. True flagship specs.

If I will spend my hard-earned money to purchase a flagship device, the G6 would go straight into my pocket.

Fingerprint scanners work 100% of the time.

The IP68 is also one of the best features there is. On event that you accidentally spill the spaghetti sauce to your G6, you can go and wash it with running water.

However, I would have appreciated it better if LG provided a dedicated microSD card slot instead of a hybrid SIM design.


If you like to own a flagship design without so many marketing ploys, this device is for you. LG has back to the game of the flagships.


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