Time For Us: Get a FREE G-Shock when you buy Acer laptop

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How to get a free GShock

Who doesn’t want a free item?

Acer Philippines is having a campaign which started last month.  The campaign aims to bridge the gap between the GenX and the Millenials.

Acer moves to bring the two generations closer through technology, to break down barriers built on misconception and misunderstandings.

“At Acer, we believe that it’s time to focus on bridging the generation divide,” share Sue Ong-Lim, Sales & Marketing Director of Acer Philippines. “Its’ imperative that we see that, amidst the differences between the two generations, they are also a lot alike.”

The campaign is formed between Acer Philippines and G-Shock, a brand by Casio.

free gshock

You can get a FREE G-shock worth up to P5,995 for every purchase of Acer Laptop.

What Acer laptop is included in the promo

  • Aspire S Series
    • Aspire S13
    • Aspire S7
    • Aspire Swift 3
    • Aspire Swift 5
    • Aspire Swift 7
    • Aspire 7
  • Aspire F and Aspire V Series
    • Aspire F
    • Aspire V3
    • Aspire V5
    • Aspire V Nitro
    • Aspire VX
  • Aspire E and Aspire R Series
    • Aspire E14
    • Aspire ES 15
    • Aspire R14
    • Aspire R13
  • Aspire 2-in-1 Laptops
    • Aspire One 14
    • 2-in-1s

Promo Mechanics

  1. Get a FREE Casio G-Shock watch for every purchase of select Acer laptops
  2. Secure a copy of the Promo Claim Form and your Official Receipt (OR) from the store
  3. Fill up the Promo Claim Form and submit along with OR, Cut-out of box Serial No., and two (2) valid IDS
  4. Submit the claim form to authorize Acer Stores.

Redemption Period

You have only up to sixty (60) days or two months to claim your free item.


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