LG launches Inverter V AC in PH

LG Electronics introduces its newest premium line of Inverter V AC designed for residential customers to effectively counter the fast-approaching summer time in the Philippines.


The modern and sleek LG AC will save up to 69% compared to non-inverter AC in the market today. The Inverter V AC has a high-gloss finish, smart display, and has a refreshing look. It uses BLDC compressor which includes a strong neodymium magnet and an oil separator system that minimizes oil circulation and maximizes motor efficiency.

LG Inverter V AC Features

Built-in Ionizer. Plasmaster Ionizer sterlizes, not only the air going through the air conditioner, but also the entire surrounding. It has a comprehensive auto-cleaning function that prevents bacteria forming inside your room.

Active Energy Control. End-user can adjust the cooling according to thei need , they can turn the AC into 100% full when the whole family is around, 60%, or  40% only when you are alone and you do not need so much cold temperature in your room.


LG’s line of ACs has been recognized globally through prestigious awards such as Red Dot Design. Timely for the upcoming summer season, these ACs guarantee to fulfull each customer’s cooling need without splurging on excessive electricity bills.

Pricing starts at P30,990 for the 1HP model. The price includes installation according to LG.

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