Mazda partners with Fujifilm for a 2-day automotive photography workshop

We were told that the current Mazda 6 underwent clay modeling based from the Kodo design by Mazda. By applying hands in the modeling puts soul in the automobile.

So we were out of town on a perfect venue in Green Canyon, in Clark to attend the automotive workshop sponsored by Mazda in participation with Fujifilm as the camera provider.


Mikko David, the veteran photographer in the motoring beat taught us what a good car photo should be. He said briefly that our photo must be technically sound; the rule of thirds must be applied; it should convey dynamism; and it should create story by merely looking at the final photo.

We had three sessions the whole day, each having actual shoot after the brief workshop. From the basic pose, to close up shot, tracking shot or panning and finally the “money shot”.

My entries and my winning shot

Out of my three entries, one won an award. But I was really glad with the outcome of my photos taken with the Fujifilm X20. The X20 is a compact camera from Fuji that produces good colors and sharp images.


The photo above is my entry to the basic pose. It shows the whole body of the Mazda 6 with the front tire slightly turned to the left to add sexiness to the pose of the car.

My entry to the close up shot or the detail shot shows the current technology being sold by Mazda. All Mazda models have SkyActiv technology, a feature that increase fuel efficiency and engine output.

My winning shot for the “Kodo In Motion” shows the Mazda 6 in action. I was able to freeze the car while it was running on a construction site with water in site.


Bonus shots

Since the entries are limited to three only, I was not able to show other shots I made showing the Mazda 6. Here are some of them:



All these shots are “SOOC” a term used by photographers that means “Straight Out Of the Camera”. All images are unedited.

It was a challenging workshop. It was even more challenging to shoot a car because of the flares, and reflections but it was all worth it.

The panning shot was difficult specially if you are shooting using a compact camera. The basic pose looks like easy shot, but when you want to remove reflections with only your camera without filters and flash, it’s a different story altogether.

The winning team took home brand new Fujifilm X30, the latest in the compact category of Fujifilm.

The runner-ups also got prize from Fujifilm and Mazda.

Over all, the event was not only challenging but also a learning venue in photography. Mazda Philippines was so kind to lend their time, effort, logistics and marketing budget us in order to appreciate the works, the technology and the “soul” of their cars.

All photos in this blog post were taken using a Fujifilm camera. Fujifilm X20 and X100 were used to shoot.

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