On-demand booking app for Taxi launches in Manila

The suspension by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on the release of new licenses for Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS), or vehicle owners, who provide services via the Uber and other mobile applications, is seen to further aggravate the situation for the millions of commuters in Metro Manila every day.

“Metro Manila has become one of the most toxic places for both motorists and commuters. The lack of a comprehensive transportation program, the continued increase in the number of vehicles each year, and the rising population had made the traffic situation very difficult,” said Eddie Ybanez, Founder of MICAB.

But wait. There’s hope.

Two of the country’s largest taxi associations, PNTOA (Philippine National Taxi Operators Association) and ATOMM (Association of Taxi Operations in Metro Manila), have signed an agreement with MICAB, a Cebu-based technology startup, to help improve the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila.

PNTOA and ATOMM operators together account for some 20,000 fleet of vehicles in Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, Micab is one of the most promising innovative on-demand platform companies in South East Asia. The company aims to fix critical transportation problems and make traveling easy a reality for millions of Filipinos. It has been successfully operating its app in Cebu and Iloilo for the past two years. With values of innovation and social impact, Micab strives to always push the boundaries of digital inclusion to bring a win-win solution to both its partners and customers.

With its LOW booking fee and ZERO price surge, Micab offers the best answer to the appalling rising number of cars on the road of Metro Manila by optimizing the existing taxi commute system without the need to add more cars on the roads. Micab only partners with PREMIUM local taxi fleet operators. Its app lets passengers seamlessly connect with the drivers. Some of Micab app’s unique features include proprietary call and chat system between passenger and driver, built-in customer support ticketing system with human interaction, credit/debit card options for payment, passenger reward system, and an electronic wallet for payment and loyalty points for the driver and in the future, a 1 push emergency button for passengers, most especially women, who will feel threatened during the duration of their trip with MICAB enabled drivers.

“Taking cab rides need not be worrisome during peak hours because there are no surge fares. Women passengers at any time of the day, and especially at night, will be safe taking a taxi ride back home. The passenger can call for help with a mere push of a button on the mobile app at any sign of danger of threat,” said David Vacher, senior adviser of MICAB.

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