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myPhone My36 vs My35; My36 vs iPhone 6

Let’s compare the latest offering of MyPhone, the My36 vs My35.

You see they have similar hardware specs, but they differ in some aspects.

First, My36 is the flagship model now, and it will be the last model to come out this 2015. The next updates of My series will be next year already.

Second, My36 has 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display, while My35 has 5-inch HD IPS display only.

Myphone My36 v My35

Third, the battery of My36 has 2,900mAH only while the My35 has 3,140mAH.

Fourth, while both has 13MP camera on the rear, My36 has manual feature, which means you have more control over your camera, My35 has the usual settings and features only.

So, if you are the kind of user that needs more battery life, you occasionally play games on your phone, My35 goes to you.

If you are like me, who likes to have real good photographs, and a bigger screen, My36 is your guy.

Watch: MyPhone My36 Unboxing video

Bonus: MyPhone My36 versus iPhone 6

Forgive us, but aside from the My35 review unit, what we have here is the iPhone 6. So we did a quick comparison. We did not dive into what’s inside the hood. We only compared their looks and feel. Peace!My36_iPhone6_1

Look Ma! They are almost both thin! Only that the MyPhone My36 is a little longer in height.



Other useful information about MyPhone My series

So that you are fully informed, MyPhone is no long coming up with any other naming conventions with their phones moving forward. They will stick with the My series.

For feature phones, the code is My1x, for the quad-core series, they have the My2x series, and for the octa-core high end series, they have the My3x series.

Now, going back to My36 vs My35 comparison. Both are great phones. Definitely, you cannot have them all in one device, so you guys must decide. Get the My35 if you want longer battery life, or buy the My36 if you want bigger screen.


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  1. ask ko lang po upload kayo ng review ng my32 at my33..

    kung ano ang mga features niya tulad ng..
    -Removable Battery at Ilan mHa
    -Otg Capable
    -Speaker Level kung alin sila malakas
    -Benchmark kung lang ang FPS??
    -Camera Test (Low Light W/ Flash testing na walang ilaw sa paligid..)
    -Heavy Duty Games ang Other apps
    -Over All na rin po..

    kase po na coconfuse na ako kung alin sa kanila…

    at Pm niyo po ako kung meron na kayong review video..


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