MyPhone Pricelist 2017

Last updated on January 24th, 2017 at 08:19 am

MyPhone is one the most aggressive brand, known to its smartphone with Digital TV (DTV), and popular with their ridiculously affordable price tag. MyPhone is one of the Philippines’ local brand.

In the last quarter of 2016, MyPhone brand re-introduced itself with a new branding naming them as a multi-media company from being a locally-branded smartphone producer.

Aside from continuously making phones dedicated to Filipinos, the company will focus on digital innovations that include Aguila Rewards, a loyalty app that lets users get freebies, discounts, and other rewards from related ads.

The brand also launched MyPhone Online Storewhich means buyers from all around the country may be able to purchase a device online. They deliver nationwide.

MyPhone Pricelist 2017

MyPhone devices can be easily categorized in two (2) phone groups, the featured phones and the smartphones with DTV. The featured phone caters to people who just need basic functionality such as calling and texting. Smartphones, especially those with DTV, are for people who need more features.

Basic Phones with Fake Money Reader Pricelist

There are currently eight (8) to choose from with price range from P549 (USD13) to P849 (USD17). Here are the 2017 MyPhone feature phones with Fake Money Reader.

No. Type Price
1 MyS1 P549
2 MyN1 P549
3 MyS2 P649
4 MyN2 P649
5 MyS2 TV P749
6 MyN2 TV P749
7 MyS3 TV P849
8 MyN3 TV P849

MyPhone Smartphones with DTV

No. Type Price
1 My81 DTV P1,799
2 My72 DTV P2,299
3 My76 DTV P2,699
4 My77 DTV P2,799
5 My87 DTV P3,099
6 My89 DTV P3,199
7 MyT2 DTV (Tablet) P3,199
8 My88 DTV P3,499
9 My93 DTV P3,999
10 My95 DTV P4,299
11 My96 DTV P,4999

How to contact MyPhone

In case you have concerns regarding myPhone, you can reach them through social media or via their website.  Here are the list:

Did we miss something in the list? Do let us know in the comments section of this blog so that we can rectify and update the list.

If you are looking for the 2016 price list, please proceed here.

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