NTC Internet speed test is out; Find out who passed

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has conducted actual Internet speed test among the local providers. This is to test if what they advertise is true.

The test involves fixed line connection. It will be followed by the mobile Internet offered by the same providers.

The Internet providers who were tested by NTC are PLDT, GLOBE, SKY, and BAYANTEL.

Bayantel already sent us their statement about this speed test by NTC, you can read it here.

Screen grab from ABS-CBN Youtube clip

In the test, three out of the four provider passed.

Here are the test results:

PLDT – 3.367 Mbps
GLOBE – 2.785 Mbps
SKY – 2.818 Mbps
BAYANTEL – 0.563 Mbps

Here is Alvin Elchico’s report on ABS-CBN about the speed test by NTC.

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