How to be a respected Grab Taxi Passenger

I am a Grab taxi user . A hundred times or more, I think. Thankful that this kind of service has arrived in my lifetime. The perks of having grab is we no longer have to be at the mercy of drivers. How many times, before grab came, have we been asked by wily drivers “san kayo papunta” , only to be rejected? This is most specially the case during daily rush hours, emphasis on daily. So, if you are a frequent taxi rider like I am, daily rejection when we want to already go home and rest sucks. What goes on in my head when this happens. There is no way I am going to be poor again ever. I think that is the lowest of the low, when we find ourselves at the mercy of taxi drivers. All we want to do is really just go home. How did it get so complicated?

Thanks to GRAB! That kind of horrible commuter experience is now history. I like my rides so far in Grab Taxi. And this is my sharing of how I also pay it forward to the drivers. There are 5 commuter concerns that most of us can agree on- SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, SERVICE, EFFICIENCY AND VALUE FOR MONEY. Whether it is Grab Taxi or not, those 5 top our list in getting from point A to point B.

Now, as a passenger, there are also social rules and etiquette to be mindful of. The most important is to always see that there are 2 human beings in that vehicle. Not just one. It’s us and the driver behind the wheel. So, those Top 5 concerns form the basis of “fair energy exchange” between us passengers and them drivers. You know Newton’s 3rd law of Motion? For every action, there is an opposite or equal reaction. The same law applies with our driver to passenger or passenger to driver interaction and yes, perfect Grab ride experience!

Tips on becoming a respected Grab rider

  1. What I have learned – self entitlement doesn’t help anyone. I do not own the Grab Taxi drivers nor am I their daily source of income. I will most likely meet them once. I throw whatever lack of class I may have the minute I step into the vehicle. It is a professional service and that is what both I and the driver will exchange all through-out the ride. In my experience in Grab, I have not met any impolite driver. They are always courteous.
  2. Leave early. Plan your travel schedule and your Grabbing schedule – so as not to harass the driver on the road. Remember, compared to us, that driver has been on the road since 3 or 4am, has been in and out of traffic, has been sitting on their butts for 10 hours and maybe even harassed by traffic enforcers. If we have time, we can relax and the driver can relax too. Win win.
  3. Tip the driver – not coins please. Dignify them in doing so. See, all those top 5, ideally, that is the basis for tipping. Maybe, give Php5 bucks for each fair energy exchange. That should be doable. Mindfulness of tipping is a good practice of compassion.
  4. Don’t be a horrible story. Call center agents have been consistently the center story of passengers who shortchange the drivers. The ride in groups and expect that it’s okay to have 3 or more dropping points. Not fair. That’s only one flag down, one Grab incentive, several traffic woes to the driver and more importantly, unmet boundary plus potentially no take home income. Do you want to be the person who caused ill-will towards others? Tsk Tsk.
  5. Also, the minute they arrive and you are not ready – ask them to flag down already and if it takes more than 10 minutes, add another Php20. I add Php50 if I have caused more insensitivity to them. Why? Because they could already be recovering the cost, instead, they are waiting on us.
  6. When in traffic and there are no Grab in site? Potentially, most are booked. However, what if some are just dodging our calls? The drivers have as much right to choose and better their conditions during hellish times. What I have learned, I pay for the possible headache they may encounter that I may put them thru OR I wait it out. I proactively use my time instead of wasting away in traffic. Now, If it is like that Horrible Tuesday night of Sept 2, all the more we need to recognize that it is no human feat and it is an income loss to the driver. Five hours on the road? C’mon, that is at least 4 passengers lost to them. Four 1 hour trips is at least Php200+. That’s at least Php800 lost if they got stuck that night with just one passenger. Can we pay them that? I don’t think so. Let’s instead smart up when traffic. If we don’t have the means to honor their lost income, let’s just use the time productively.
  7. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. DO NOT LEAVE TISSUES AND WRAPPERS AND GARBAGE in the cab. It says a lot about what kind of person we are. And if we leave these, all the more that we cannot be self-entitled passenger from hell.
  8. Viral posts. Send it first to Grab and the police before you post. The one time I saw a viral post, I sent it to grab and had it investigated. Turns out, the passenger was the problem. Self entitlement must be checked thoroughly first before acting irresponsibly.
  9. Mindset is important. Personally, for me, commuting is lack of ability to afford life we have chosen. Getting stuck in traffic, Going home every day during rush hour, helplessness in not finding rides or even a good seat are all reminders that we are stuck in a rut. Mas maganda ang magcommute ng dahil choice ko or napipili ko ang choice ko rather that I am limited by lack or inability. Affording choices is something we have to consider greatly. Even if I have a car, I choose Grab to take me to busy business districts and even to take me home. I like that I have this choice. It helps me appreciate the Grab drivers and service even more.

Since I started using Grab early this year, perhaps I have used their services a hundred times, it’s proven and tested that if we are makatao or humane, that we can get the service we would want each time.

Keep up the good work Grab drivers!

My message to the Grab drivers, keep up the good work. To Grab Taxi company, I’m wowed by your service. To the grab passengers, malaki matutulong din natin.

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  1. Ah yes…true..this is a universal point. Siguro, if they were earning Php1M per day from being cab drivers, these disrespect wont matter, but they don,t. And we don’t pay them that either.

    On your makisama note, true again. In my case, if I know that they will be coming from the opposite lane, I signal them to just wait for me to cross. Most drivers do not mind, they turn their cars to my side pa rin. I just say thank you and i keep this in mind and add it to the fair energy exchange.

  2. Self entitlement. Di kasama sa bayad ang pagkatao nila para alipustahin at alilahin.

    Additional tip: makisama. Kung wala namang mabigat na dala dala, baka pwedeng salubungin o tumawid na lang kesa iikot pa ng malayo dahil sa 1 way or traffic.

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