Nubia’s RedMagic 7 now available on Kimstore, Lazmall & Shopee


Mobile gamers are drawn to gaming phones first and foremost because of how they feel in their hands, as well as the sensations they get from using them. The total game experience is enhanced by advanced haptic responsiveness, as well as dramatic and high-definition audio-visual features. This image was brilliantly produced by Nubia RedMagic Philippines in its newest gaming smartphone release, RedMagic 7, which was released on April 29 with retail Kimstore, the country’s premier one-stop-shop for the latest branded goods.

The RedMagic 7 is designed to be a gaming device first and a smartphone second, featuring a 2022 Flagship Chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 1ratio display and a 65W GaN Magic Charger with Air-Cooled Quick Charging functionality. Red Core 1, the built-in standalone gaming chip, enhances RedMagic 7’s haptic feedback, as well as its audio and RGB lighting upgrades.

RedMagic 7 runs on RedMagic OS5.0 and includes Game Space, which allows gamers and streamers to customize their gaming experience. Plug-ins and shorthand are niche gaming tools that allow players to magnify sections of the screen and capture clips of a player’s winning moments during a game. The phone was also developed to be sweat-resistant by Nubia RedMagic.

Detecting real-time in-game commands and execution in FPS games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, and Genshine Impact may be done with the highest rate of precision with a reaction time of 7.4 ms, a 720 Hz touch sampling rate, and a 500Hz touch rate for shoulder triggers. RedMagic 7 is four times quicker, 25% more efficient, and generates graphics 30% faster than prior RedMagic phones, thanks to a built-in Adreno GPU, Kryo CPU, and 7th gen AI.

With a battery capacity of 4,500 milliamperes per hour (mAh), the RedMagic 7 is designed for long gaming sessions. It can play FPS games for a whole day. The 65-watt fast charger, on the other hand, takes only an hour to charge.

Supernova is a translucent covering with memory options of 18GB/256GB. While all models have cooling fans, the Supernova has RGB-lit panels that light up when in use. Obsidian comes in silver with 12GB/128GB storage choices. The 16GB/256GB memory variants on the cosmic Pulsar with sky blue and purple hues are available.

Because the Nubia RedMagic 7 is known for its unrivaled gaming and streaming capabilities, on April 29, a 30-minute Facebook Livestream will be launched on Kimstore and the Nubia RedMagic Philippines Page, with the goal of guiding and providing tips for aspiring video game, live streamers using RedMagic 7. The session will be led by Amplfy by Tier One Entertainment’s digital developer Louis Dior Teves.

Nubia RedMagic 7 will be available first at, the company’s official distributor in the Philippines, as well as Nubia RedMagic Philippines’ Shopee Mall and LazMall accounts. Kimstore has the largest assortment of consumer electronics, including cellphones, computers, and cameras.

Customers who preorder any of the three editions of RedMagic 7, either Supernova, Pulsar, or Obsidian, on April 22 through Kimstore will receive a variety of value-for-money freebies and packages.

Follow Kimstore and Nubia RedMagic Philippines on Facebook for more information on upcoming promotions for the latest premium gaming smartphones.

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