Ohmyhome property agents offer excellent housing services to Filipino real estate clients

Buying a home entails a number of critical processes and decisions that might be difficult for some Filipinos, such as determining the right property type and location for one’s needs, as well as researching available housing loans and payment plans that fit one’s budget. Because potential homeowners understand the importance of these processes, many choose to work with real estate agents to ensure that they are on the right road during their home search.

Ohmyhome Philippines
Ohmyhome takes pride in how their professional sales and customer agents personalize services according to the clients’ needs, then guide them in every step of the process—with no hidden charges.

Ohmyhome, a major proptech business based in Singapore and Malaysia that launched in the Philippines last year, offers full-service agent services to customers, including market research on projected valuation, database matching of possible buyers, virtual property viewings, and more.

Julian Sison, Ohmyhome’s Marketing Manager, cites up front why the proptech company takes pride in this. “Our team of highly professional sales and customer agents personalize services according to the customers’ needs,” he points out. “We guide them in every step of the process—with no hidden charges.”

Cristy Ajero, Ohmyhome’s Sales Head, agrees, and goes on to explain why the platform’s agent support is a great alternative for Filipino clients.

“First, we don’t promote just one real estate brand for interested homeowners. Being an accredited partner of multiple real estate developers, our database includes various properties within the different price and location ranges. We carefully assess our clients’ needs and give them the best property options that fit their resources and preferences. 

“Ohmyhome also chooses which real estate brands to accredit themselves with. Believing in the Filipino dream of owning a home, we only partner with reputable property developers that build high-quality and cost-efficient homes.”

Finally, Cristy adds that Ohmyhome’s in-house agents use a unique methodology to match sellers and buyers with the correct properties. “Before a customer is handled by a professional property agent, Ohmyhome’s Relationship Managers gather and assess their information and needs. This guarantees that we have all of the necessary information and can provide our consumers the finest options.”

To use Ohmyhome’s agent services, potential sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants must first schedule an appointment on the website or through the app. Ohmyhome representatives will then use an organized database of property listings for tenants and purchasers, or a database of possible buyers and tenants for sellers and landlords, to match the client to possible properties. Expect these agents to handle price discussions, paperwork and payment arrangements, as well as other obligations.

Julian says that consistent with the brand’s vision, Ohmyhome—in its three markets—have high training standards, to ensure that housing services provided by all of its agents are excellent. 

“Ohmyhome’s in-house agents can replicate such specialized services here with the help of an efficient system that is backed by customer-driven data and in-depth market research. This is all aligned with the company’s vision of becoming the trusted and reliable property platform for Filipinos,” he says. 


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