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Leading property tech startup Ohmyhome in Singapore is now making its way to the Philippines.

Amidst the pandemic and lockdowns in select regions of the Philippines, Ohmyhome’s services through its application and website are primed to help accelerate this process in the local real estate setting. 

Ohmyhome is designed to serve customers in the entire buying and selling process by providing a unique hybrid model of a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform and full-fledged agency services that help ease pain points for buying, selling, and renting. 

They do this by leveraging on their advanced technology capabilities and their team’s dedication to providing exceptional service to their customers. 

Ohmyhome would like to replicate its Singapore and Malaysia in the Philippines. They like to enable Filipino homeowners and searchers to buy, sell, and rent properties in a simple, fast, and efficient manner.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Rhonda Wong affirm this, saying that Ohmyhome provides the best of both worlds—a seamless DIY platform and professional agent services. 

Rhonda points out, “We are very different from property classified platforms. Our focus is not on advertising but on helping customers transact. We take care of the entire transaction process—from search and deal-closing all the way through legal documentation and mortgage advisory—making it simple for both first time property buyers to seasoned investors to transact real estate.” 

This is a welcomed development in the Philippine real estate circuit that is blighted by unreliable agents, complicated government processes and disorganized websites, and the need to coordinate with multiple agencies. With Ohmyhome, property buyers can avoid stress, unnecessary delays, and botched deals. 

Rhonda is confident that these issues will be a thing of the past. “Our team of highly professional and experienced agents will assist Filipino buyers and sellers in whatever service they need, at prices that maximize quality and sustainability.” 

This is an assurance that is backed by Ohmyhome’s remarkable track record. Since its launch in Singapore in 2016, Ohmyhome has proven its reliability as a platform, anchored on three primary advantages—it is simple, it is fast, and it provides value for money.

Following the proptech company’s success in these countries, Ohmyhome’s forthcoming launch in the Philippines is bound to revolutionize the local real estate industry as well. As a one-stop-shop for property solutions, Ohmyhome will make housing transactions in the Philippines hassle-free and efficient. 


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