PayMaya rebrands to Maya; It’s everything and a bank


Finance app with the highest rating PayMaya has developed from an e-wallet to a formidable all-in-one money app called Maya. It’s both everything and a bank, and users can get early access to it starting today.

Maya combines the popular PayMaya e-wallet with new features like crypto and an innovative digital banking experience powered by Maya Bank to allow you to spend, save, grow, invest, and master your money – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Maya will put your money to work for you more efficiently than any other e-wallet or bank on the market. Downloading and registering on Google Play or the App Store is entirely free.

The new Maya has a number of features that make money management simpler and more smooth.

Top Features of Maya

Maya Savings is high-yield savings account with a 6% initial interest rate, the highest currently available from a local bank. This first offer will be valid through August 31, 2022. It’s powered by Maya Bank, a BSP-licensed digital bank that gives you a flawless in-app saving experience. Customers who are eligible for PayMaya will be able to transfer money from their e-wallet to Maya Savings with only a few taps in the app and earn interest on their balance! To use this feature, you’ll need an updated Maya account, and there’s no need to keep track of your balance.

Maya Credit is a fictitious credit line that allows you to borrow up to P15,000 from within the app. This may be used to pay bills, buy groceries, load your phone, or upgrade your smartphone! For qualifying users, this credit line can be accessible in as little as 60 seconds, giving you cash in a flash whenever you need it.

Maya Crypto is the simplest way to get started with cryptocurrency. Within the Maya app, you can buy, hold, and sell famous coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tether, and more for as little as P1!

Maya Wallet retains all of the e-wallet capabilities that helped PayMaya become the country’s top-rated local finance app, but with a new client experience. You may still get free cash-in at over 90,000 touchpoints across the country, allowing you to spend your money on the things that really matter.

But wait, but there’s more. The app will soon allow you to switch from light to dark mode. You may even own a username that will act as your new Maya identity for a faster and more easy method to pay and receive money to make your experience even more personalized.

Maya’s goal-based savings will be available soon, allowing you to save money for your first car or a well-deserved vacation.

Maya combines all of these functions into a single in-app experience. This money software is simple to use, with Wallet, Savings, Credit, and Crypto all accessible with a single swipe or press.

“Maya is all about challenging conventions – and this translates into the experience we’re giving our users with this new all-in-one money app. With this transformation, we want to enable Filipinos to make bolder choices with their money and seize opportunities – big and small,” said Shailesh Baidwan, President of PayMaya, and Co-Founder and Board Member of Maya Bank.    

“We are combining the power of an innovative wallet and a secure, progressive digital banking experience powered by BSP-licensed Maya Bank to transform how Filipinos experience money. This unparalleled digital app experience is supported by Maya Business, the country’s leading payment processor for enterprises, and the widest on-ground network of Maya Center agents,” he added.   

Co-create a revolutionary all-in-one money app   

Maya invites you to participate in the Maya Early Access-Challenge and help create the best all-in-one money app.

You may become the first-ever Maya bitcoin billionaire, in addition to being the first to experience Savings, Crypto, Credit, and more! You only have to accept the challenge!

Are you interested in becoming a member? Here’s a brief reference:

1. Just download Maya, and register.  

2. On the app’s home page, tap the ‘More’ button and choose Missions. You’ll be able to join the Maya Early Access-Challenge from there.  

 3. Cash in at least P100 and upgrade your account to unlock Maya Savings with its 6% interest rate.   

Opening your Savings account via Maya will earn you points for the challenge. You earn more points whenever you complete more Early Access Challenge missions, including sharing your feedback on the Maya app, referring your friends to Maya using your code, and using more Maya features, including Pay Bills, Buy Load, and more.    

Depending on your score, you’ll be allocated a Maya level:

  • Maya Master is reserved for the top 5% of users with the highest score.
  • Maya Enthusiast is awarded to the top 10% of users with the highest score.
  • Maya Explorer is available to the next 15% of users who have the greatest score.

The higher your score, the better your chances of winning this and other fantastic prizes are!

Customers who have reached the Maya Explorer level will be eligible to win P300,000 in Bitcoin. Maya aficionados can win P600,000 worth of Bitcoin. Maya Masters also has the chance to win another P1,000,000 in Bitcoin!

Furthermore, all participants with a Maya Savings account will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win P1,000,000 in Bitcoin.

You will receive an SMS with a tally of your points, and you can also check the scoreboard on the Maya homepage to find out your point score.


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