Plantronics Announces High Performance Headsets for Smarter Customer Service Centers

Plantronics announced recently a new series of contact center headset solutions designed for the heroes of the customer service. The Plantronics EncorePro 500 Series is an all-new generation of headsets for customer service centers and offices that deliver greater comfort for all-day wearing, superior noise-canceling for clearer calls, and increased reliability to help manage costs.

Christopher Thompson, VP of Enterprise Product Marketing.

In addition, Plantronics likewised announced their next-generation DA Series USB digital audio processors for Plantronics headsets that deliver a more complete audio experience by providing context for every call. With these new Plantronics customer service solutions, organizations improve metrics, attract and retain Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and create a better customer experience.

Smart phones and self-service have shifted the balance of power in the customer service center — before reaching out to the CSR, a customer might have more information at hand because they researched already prior to engaging the customer service. In these case, customers want their issue resolved quickly. They consider their call an escalation putting extraordinary pressure on the agent to perform, even while the customer i s likely in a mobile environment with questionable audio quality.

Josh Doctolero, Plantronics Philippines

The Plantronics EncorePro 500 Series was created with the CSR in mind. It features a forward-looking, professional grade industrial design that uses new materials and technologies that yield an ergonomic fit that is extraordinarily durable, lightweight, and comfortable for all-day wearing. With fewer reasons to remove the headset throughout the day, CSRs are ready for each call, with the boom being in the right place for a better customer conversation. The noise-canceling technology ensures more focused and private calls, so conversations will be heard clearly with fewer misunderstood words and with reduced background noise from keyboards and close talkers.

EncorePro Models

The series includes the following models: EncorePro 510/520 (dedicated over-the-head), EncorePro 530 (over-the-ear) and EncorePro 540 (convertible), the latter is unique in its simple design and high-performance audio no matter what the preferred wearing style. All models support wideband audio.

The all-new Plantronics Customer Service Solutions include:

Cutting-Edge Design
Brand new, stylish, and ergonomic design

Custom Noise Canceling Microphones
Next-generation, noise-canceling microphone
Flexible boom with positioning guides

Superb Audio
Wideband audio with SoundGuard® technology

Comfort and Convenience
Adjustable fit with all-day comfort
Quick Disconnect(TM) feature provides walkaway convenience

Robust and Reliable
Proprietary material and construction for unparalleled robustness

Integration with Softphones
Plantronics technology that captures and reports on key call events

Call Control
Easy, at-your-fingertips access to call functions (Plantronics DA-80,
DA-90 only)

Noise @ Work and antistartle, G616 Compliance
Help achieve compliance with legislated regulations to protect your

Firmware Updates
Firmware updates that aid in inventory management through Plantronics
Hub or in early 2015 through Plantronics Manager Pro

Extraordinary Service
Industry-leading global service and support

Plantronics products and solutions are now available in the Philippines through its official resellers. Currently they have three distributors for B to B solution and one for consumer distribution. Doctolero said they have about 20 resellers nationwide.

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