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Why do you need a WiFi 6 Mesh with your PLDT Home Fiber?

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The TP-Link Deco X55, which you can purchase on top of your PLDT Home Fiber plan for as low as P199/month for 36 months, will improve your home WiFi tremendously.

  • The TP-Link Deco X55 has AI-driven WiFi Mesh 6 which smartly learns the network conditions to give your home the best WiFi experience possible
  • WiFi 6 offers bigger bandwidth, more efficient data transfers, fewer interferences, and faster speeds
  • Expect more seamless connectivity for multi-device households, including those who engage in heavy-bandwidth activities
  • With 3 units of TP-Link Deco X55, you’ll enjoy up to 7,500 square feet of coverage

What’s WiFi 6 and why do we need to upgrade?

It’s a given: Dead spots in a home will be imminent. 

There will be the usual cases of connectivity issues in some places where the default router can no longer reach certain areas of the house. This is common, especially for homes with thick walls and those that span multiple floors.

That’s why the WiFi Mesh system, now in its WiFi 6 edition, was invented to solve the issue.

To simplify WiFi 6, think of it as an expanded data highway with more roads. This lets more cars (in this case, devices) go faster and more smoothly without getting stuck in traffic.

Upgrading to WiFi 6 is like giving your internet a turbo boost if you want a better, faster, and safer WiFi experience. This is how it’s broken down compared to the older WiFi 5.

Faster speeds: Picture streaming a 4K movie. WiFi 6 can deliver the resolution in true 4K while with WiFi 5, the quality might be adjusted to a lower resolution. 

More devices connected: Have a lot of phones, computers, and smart TVs at home? None of them will slow down WiFi 6; it should be able to handle up to 150 simultaneous device usage with three units.

Who can benefit from the upgrade?

Picture a normal day in a busy home. Work-at-home parents use computers to make video calls and download files while their kids research for school and do class meetings online. Later, everyone relaxes by binge-streaming or playing online games. 

The action is complemented by passive activity happening everywhere else in the house – for example, in their smart security devices installed to keep an eye on their property and pets all functioning through one connection.

A lot of things are happening all at once, yet everyone sees their connections stay powerful and stable through the new WiFi Mesh system via TP-Link Deco X55. 

Purchased best through PLDT Home, the TP-Link Deco X55 is a WiFi 6 device you can easily configure with your current router to unlock strong WiFi that can then reach every corner at home.

With the TP-Link Deco X55’s WiFi 6 technology, you can constantly stream high-definition videos, play online games without lag, hold video conferences without interruptions, and make sure that all your smart home devices run smoothly. No more zones with slow or dead WiFi signal previously bogged down due to distance or walls!

Reliable WiFi is no longer just a nice-to-have in today’s always-connected world. It is now a must. With an upgraded WiFi Mesh System, everyone in your family can finally get the smooth, uninterrupted online experience you deserve.  Your connected home will truly become a place where you can work, play, and relax!

How does it compare to WiFi 5?

The investment cost of WiFi 5 compared to WiFi 6 is definitely less. But the improved coverage is enormous.

Here’s a comparative table about WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6 devices.

TechnologyWIFI 6WIFI 5
ModelTP Link X55TP Link M4
CostP199/mo for 36 mosP99/mo for 36 mos
Coverage (in sq. ft.)7,500 sq. ft. for 3 units5,500 sq. ft. for 3 units
Wireless (No. of Frequency Bands combined with WiFi Speed)Dual-band AX3000Dual-band AC1200
WAN Connection speeds Up to 1GbpsUp to 1Gbps
Max Number Simultaneous Devices 150100
FeaturesBeamformingSingle SSIDParental ControlsGuest WiFi Home Care Antivirus 

In a nutshell, for a low P199/month per Mesh device, your WiFi coverage jumps to as wide as 7,500 sq. feet compared to 5,500 sq. feet in previous models. Plus, the number of devices simultaneously connected can now be at 150 from 100 in WiFi 5 Mesh devices.


Since the upgrade doesn’t cost much and gives you better service, now is the time to get the PLDT Home Fiber with TP-Link Deco X55 WiFi 6 for your home WiFi.

For only P199 per month per unit, PLDT Home Fiber customers can add the TP-Link Deco X55 to their plan. Personally, that is the best deal on a home network update that will change everything!

Do not settle for poor WiFi coverage. The powerful PLDT Home WiFi 6 Mesh system is the way of the future for a better-connected home.

Get better WiFi at home today and see what the PLPT Home difference is all about! For more info, visit PLDT Home’s website here.

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