PLDT, Smart level up workforce with CX skills in company-wide customer-centric push

PLDT and its wireless arm Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) are ramping up company-wide efforts to improve customer experience by enhancing employee skills and encouraging hyper-collaboration within the company, in line with the group’s core value of malasakit.

“It is important that we are excellent in three things: operational efficiency, innovation and customer experience – with the customers as our North Star,” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, PLDT Inc and Smart Communications President and CEO. “We must break silos and hyper-collaborate across all teams to make this happen.”

Following this revitalized company-wide customer-centric push, over 10,000 customers have been assisted by more than 2,600 customer champions from various units at PLDT and Smart between March and June 2021 alone.

The initiative reinforces existing efforts by the company to improve customer service.​ It traces its roots at the beginning of the pandemic in March last year, when lockdown restrictions highlighted the need for connectivity and digital services as more Filipinos stayed at home to work, study, and stay in touch with loved ones. This in turn underscored the importance of ramping up the company’s capacity to cater to customer concerns. Responding to Panlilio’s call, employees stepped forward to get involved and advocated for the brands by providing customers much-needed assistance.

“Regardless of our roles in the company, we are all equipped to help a customer when the need arises. We are ambassadors of excellent service,” Panlilio stressed, adding that PLDT and Smart have put in place a dedicated platform that facilitates efficient hyper-collaboration across various teams and business units, and are implementing a roster of in-house trainings to further equip PLDT and Smart employees with enhanced product knowledge and CX skills.

“We thank our customer champions for making this possible and serving our customers with passion and purpose. Indeed, our malasakit has come a long way,” Panlilio said.

These customer champions demonstrate that any employee may serve as a customer service channel. “My neighbor reached out to me asking for my aid since they were having problems with their connection, which was harming their online company,” says one customer champion who was able to help her neighbor’s business. So I took their information, uploaded it, and their issue was rectified. Now, despite the pandemic, the company is doing well and serving its customers pleasantly. The help we provide our customers goes a long way. Even if I’m not a frontliner, I’m not a tinatanggihan!”

This effort provided an efficient platform for all employees to reinforce PLDT’s group-wide commitment to realizing our vision for PLDT and Smart as truly customer-centric – with cutting-edge technology – empowering all Filipinos in building a stronger nation, providing world-class connectivity as a human right, asserting the Philippines as a key player in the global arena, and actively embarking on sustainability.

The continual rollout of PLDT and Smart’s fundamental asset, their countrywide, fully integrated fixed and wireless networks, goes hand in hand with this constant commitment to elevate the level of customer care. At over 478,000 kilometers as of end-March 2021, PLDT’s fiber infrastructure is the country’s most extensive. Smart’s mobile network, which covers 96 percent of the population from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, is supported by this infrastructure.

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