Google’s own ‘Files Go’ file management app goes official

After launching Google Datally last week, Google launches Files Go, File Management App on your Android Smartphone.

Stock Android users will be happy for this news, as Google released their official File Management App, the Files Go and it is now available to download on Play Store running Android 5.0 Lollipop and up.

The app has been surfaced several times during its early testing stage and public beta. Users cited that they saved up to 1GB of storage.

Files app is also the answer to the clamor of stock Android users to have the OS’ own file management app, which is not present in the early versions of Android.

Google Files Go App
Files Go app displays grouped files altogether via categories

It displays the file in category order like downloads, images, videos, audios, and documents. This makes you find the application much faster. Files Go’s smart filters automatically organize images, videos, apps, documents, and more to make it easy to find different kinds of media.

Files Go helps smartphone users manage their files. The app is so handy to free up space on your phone. This is a must-have app if you have 16GB of storage or smaller.

The app suggests what files taking up more space in your storage, which files to delete. It also tells what apps you did not open for quite some time and told you to delete those. The app can scan any duplicate files or low-resolution videos.

You have also an option to back up your files to Google Drive directly on the app. Other cloud storage apps are also integrated into Files Go too!

Users can transfer files offline directly from their phone to a nearby phone through Files Go. The peer-to-peer file transfers are encrypted, and it can transfer as fast as up to 125 Mbps. Google guarantees that it doesn’t use your mobile data.

The Files Go will be offered as a part of built-in of apps on the upcoming Android Oreo (Go edition) phones in early 2018.

Smartphone makers such as Nokia Mobile and others manufacturers will also offer Files Go as a pre-installed app on select 2018 models.

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