Seagate Fast SSD 1TB Review

Most of you know that I regularly upload YouTube videos for both Tech Patrol and Manoy’s channels.

You know the drill! Haha.

I edit my videos mostly on 720p and some in 1080p. That’s because of the limitation of my editing machine, a 2013 Macbook Pro. Can’t go more than 1080p or else it will take forever to render a video.

Final Cut Pro timeline.

Since I started video editing, my main concern was always the storage device.

Firstly, I needed huge storage for my footages. My Macbook Pro is easily filled up because it has only 256GB. So I started buying external hard drives.

While it solved the storage for my footages, the editing process remains slow and the 256G internal storage is filled up so fast because of the huge render files.

The solution: Seagate Fast SSD 1TB

I reached out to Seagate to consult what kind of SSD drive they have to help me in my situation.

And then I found a 1TB version.

It is a very slim and portable SSD solution that you can bring anywhere. You can put it in your pocket, or in any man purse available and carry it anywhere you go. It will be a whole new world for you, trust me.

My editing setup

With my Macbook Pro having 256GB internal storage, I needed two (2) external storage to make my editing process simple and fast. One is a 4TB HDD, the second one is the Fast SSD by Seagate.

All my fresh footage goes to my 256GB at first.

The Seagate Fast SSD 1TB becomes my “rendering” drive. That means all of the temporary files go there while I am editing my videos.

Editing videos create massive temporary files that’s why the 256G internal storage is choking real fast.

So the Seagate Fast SSD 1TB is a heaven-sent solution. And because it is a solid-state drive, I never worry about minor bumps or even if it accidentally falls on the floor. No moving parts therefore my external drive is always safe.

For you to appreciate the speed of both drives, here’s a comparison report by Paul Rubens in his article on Storage Enterprise entitled SSD vs. HDD Speed.

After I finished with my edit, I now transfer the footages on to my 4TB HDD.

Once the Fast SSD becomes 80% full, I transfer old render files to the 4TB HDD for safekeeping, creating a new space for the SSD.

Seagate Fast SSD Pros & Cons

1Super portable1Price
2Highly efficient
3High performance
4Very light (82 grams)
5USB Type-C
6Fast file transfer
7Very reliable
8No overheating issue
9Mac & Windows compatible


During the pre-Fast SSD times, my patience gets tested most of the time. I would wait for countless hours for a 10-minute video render. I had no choice.

But that was before.

Seagate Fast SSD Review 2020

The story changed dramatically when the 1TB Seagate Fast SSD came to the picture.

And regardless of the cost, this SSD enabled me even more in my content creation. Work became effective and fast. No more tantrums.

I highly recommend this external drive.  Your video editing journey will be a whole new world when you use this super fast and efficient SSD.


Seagate Philippines was kind enough to send me a spare Fast SSD for a giveaway. One of you will be the lucky one at the end of this campaign.

We will be giving away a Seagate Fast SSD 500GB!

You can also check out Seagate’s official store in Shopee here.

How to join

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Who can join

  • Facebook fans and supporters of Tech Patrol and Seagate Philippines.
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We will announce the raffle winner by June 15, 2020, on our Facebook page.

Seagate Fast SSD 1TB Review Summary

Portability - 100%
Efficiency - 100%
Read & Write Accuracy - 95%
Design - 100%
OS Compatibility - 100%
Price - 60%
Versatility - 98%



Consider the Seagate Fast SSD 1TB as your investment to enable your video editing work faster, efficient, and worry-free.

User Rating: 4.53 ( 6 votes)


  1. Working for creatives for over a decade, I can only keep so much files in my 256gb MacBook Pro. Archiving files is important, but accessing those files can be so cumbersome on traditional HDDs. SSDs are the way to go, This will really help in my line of work.

  2. My Facebook name is Earl Roque ( More power to Tech Patrol and Seagate!

  3. As someone who owns a gaming PC with mediocre internal storage (only 1Tb HDD) an external SSD will greatly help me solve storage problems by having a portable and fast external storage device to store personal files and media. With a reliable external SSD, I’ll feel more secure storing my files externally since they don’t suffer the same pitfalls of an external HDD, not to mention the greater read and write speeds I can achieve with them. 🙂

  4. I am a teacher who will work with this new normal school setup. I am very interested in making my computer quicker with the help of SSD. Multitasking and opening different applications really makes my system to slow down. I hope for an upgrade! Kudos TechPartl and thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  5. I, too, have been struggling with rendering times with an old laptop. I edit mostly travel videos ( as a hobby. It really takes the fun out when I have to leave the laptop open and wait for a few hours for a video that’ll run for less than five minutes. I want to experience the same thing you had with the Seagate SSD. I need that fast read/write speeds, portability, and same quality what you can always get on Seagate products.

  6. Hi guys! Interested to grab your Seagate ssd giveaway of course! As you can see, im a graphic designer who lost a dayjob because of the pandemic brought by covid 19, and now even the photography community was widely affected so im trying to prepare myself to do freelance jobs and step up my skill by also learning advance videography. That is why getting that ssd could help me in pursuing getting freelance jobs and finishing it on time.

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