First 8K Resolution TV launched by Sharp in PH

Sharp (Philippines), a Japanese manufacturer of electronics and home appliances, recently launched its 8K TV in the Philippines.

Kazuo Kito, Sharp PH President and General Manager

That is how futuristic this Japanese company is. And this 8K TV is not the 4K TV that upscale content, this is the real one. It has a screen resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.

Sharp Aquos 8K TV Philippines

The Sharp 8K TV, more specifically known as the Sharp AQUOS 8K LED TV was first introduced globally in October 2017.

It was made commercially available in countries like China, Taiwan, Japan and some European markets.

Sharp PH President and General Manager, Kazuo Kito told us during the launch event that in Japan, their TV networks are going to 8K already by the end of this year.

Sharp Aquos 8K TV Philippines

The Sharp AQUOS 8K LED TV display is almost like the real-life scene your naked eye can see. It has 16X more resolution that the Full HD TV.

Sharp Aquos 8K TV Philippines

The Sharp AQUOS 8K LED TV will be available in two (2) sizes — 70 and 60 inches.

Here’s a sample image we took from the display of the 8K TV.

The image is so sharp, super clear and crisp. Sharp executives are pitching this TV for the medical industry, security centers (for high-quality CCTV footages) and for home consumption as well.

Sharp did not disclose the local pricing and availabilty, but we heard pricing starts at P500K+

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