Smart opens iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s reservation page!

Well, just like the competition arena of the oil industry in the Philippines, the two top Telcos just quickly put up the registration page for both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C before everyone went to sleep earlier.

Good enough, I was still up and before I hit the sack, I spotted the new pages for Globe iPhone 5S. And then, I check Smart website too!


Smart iPhone 5S and iPhone 5s reservation or pre-order page is now up! Subscribers can now start lining up online to reserve their next iDevices.

While Globe haven’t announced this yet to their social media channels, Smart fired it up already on their Facebook page an hour ago.

Now, its your choice! Both Smart and Globe has LTE network and they have both customizable postpaid plans. And both iPhone 5S and 5C has LTE.

You can now register to reserve your iPhone 5S or 5C with Smart in this link.

UPDATE: WE RECEIVED an official statement from Smart this morning informing us that the official public launch of both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will be on November 15. And again the pre-registration page is at

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