Sports fans: Here are some Winning Team of Apps for you

Pinoys are sports loving persons, no doubt about it. In this digital world, there is nothing like sports to bring everybody together, specially on your smartphones or tablets. It is evident in the way we unite whenever our favorite athletes or sporting teams play against their rivals.

Sports are part of most Pinoy’s life — from the dining table to the study room down to your bedroom. And whoever you are, wherever you might be, sports will always tickle your fancy. Whether it’s the NBA or the spelling bee, whether you’re a newbie or a diehard fan, trust these Windows apps to make you talk sports like a pro.

ESPN Hub – Available exclusively on Windows Phones, ESPN Hub keeps you updated with the latest happening in the world of sports. ESPN Hub lets you follow the latest scores, news, videos and standings from your favorite sports teams around the world. With the touch of a tile, you get access to live scores, breaking news, videos, and updates from ESPN Twitter accounts. Spanning all major sports including football, baseball, soccer, and golf, the Hub gives you a unique, customizable mobile sports experience on your mobile phone.

Air Horn – Make yourself the arenas most passionate fan with the help of the Air Horn. Air Horn turns your mobile phone into a noisy stadium trumpet, horn or the infamous vuvuzela. It can play any rhythm with the sound trumpet / horn, melodies La Cucaracha, and even the anthem of your favorite sporting team. It is perfect for football games, basketball games, volleyball, stadium events and all other sporting events. Air Horn can also be used to play with friends, at parties, holidays and in all situations when you need to make some noise.

Sporting Mouth – Sporting Mouth allows fans to make sports predictions against friends for bragging rights and prizes. Use it to prove your sporting judgment, to milk the acclaim when you’re right and they’re wrong and even to decide who buys the beers after the game. Fans can play against single friends or form groups, with the only rule being that they set the stakes, you settle the score.

Twitter for Windows Phone – There’s no denying that as far as life sporting updates are concerned; you can always count on plain ‘ol Twitter. Wherever you are in the world, Twitter lets you be the first to her about that buzzer beater from your favorite athlete through actual real time updates. Follow hashtags of your favorite football club and get into a friendly banter with a fan of the rival club. Catch what goes on behind the scenes during sporting events and see what your favorite athletes are chatting about.

FIFA14 – Get your game face and challenge your fellow football aficionados on FIFA14. Whether it’s Real Madrid vs. Barcelona or Manchester United vs. Liverpool, FIFA14 lets you recreate the world’s greatest football rivalries without leaving your couch. This year’s edition features 34 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players, from the English Premier League to La Liga and beyond. You can even earn and trade, or buy and sell FIFA players to create your own fantasy team. Compete in tournaments to earn coins, and then spend them on new players and items to improve your team.

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