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Windows 8.1 ready to be released in PH

Windows is still the most-used OS among the desktop and laptop across the globe. Microsoft reports that to date, Windows 8 has sold more than 100 million licenses worldwide, making the OS as the fastest selling in Microsoft’s history.

But, we must admit, we all missed the most loved button in the previous version Windows 7, the Start button. It was omitted in the introduction of the full touch experience in Windows 8. However, end-users were not yet ready to embrace a total touch screen experience specially on the desktop side.


So, on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 we are invited for the official launch of Microsoft Windows 8.1 in the Philippines. As mentioned in the invitation, we will be able to try it live.

We mentioned in our blog post about Dell Latitude 2013 with Hashwell that Windows 8.1 upgrade will be free to those who purchased Windows 8.


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Here’s a short video clip by xskydevilx on YouTube.

We will update you again next week about pricing, availability and more about Windows 8.1.

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