Subic's Ocean Adventure

Last Saturday everybody set the alarm clock as early as 3AM. Call time was 5:30AM. There will be a tourist bus waiting outside the building! Wow… a tourist bus. We must be sitting pretty there going to Subic. HR’s memo states we leave by 6AM! Those who cannot catch up might be left behind. And by the looks of it, we will be hitting Subic by before 9:00AM because SCTEX shortens the trip by an hour. Oh, team HP was in the last tourist bus. And take note, the very HR manager is with us, also the Accounting Manager. We all enjoyed the ride, promise… even if you interview MJ of Team Cisco or Milbert of Team HP.

Here are some photos that show how much we enjoyed the outing!

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Leo’s bag, color blue was lost in this trip, please return it if you found it. The huge snake must be very hungry now!

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