The (flying) amazing dolphins in the free port

Of course the main attraction of going to Subic’s Ocean Adventure was the Dolphin show and the Sea Lion. I was in the not so good angle during the Sea Lion show, so I just picked the pictures of the Dolphins. And yes, they can be called the “flying” dolphins! They can be up in the air with full of surprises, they can do a flip, they can wave and they can fly with their trainers.

What’s more exciting? The photo ops with their lady trainer Jake aka Jakellen del Prado. The boys of Phildata lined up for the pictorial after the show. She is gorgeous and she makes everyone hold their breath and enjoy the show.

Jake, the lady trainer of the dolphins
Jakellen Servano Del Prado. Image by Digitalspidey

The dolphins made the best performance likewise, they made us all cheer and happy!

Here are they, ladies and gentlemen!

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