Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review


We were one of the few blogs selected by Sudio to test their latest Bluetooth speaker, the Sudio Femtio. The Bluetooth speaker market is already crowded. Most smartphone manufacturers have already released their own models, but let’s look at the Sudio Femtio and see how it performs.

The Sudio Femtio is priced at P6,600 available in three different colors – black, silver, and anthracite. 

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

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Sudio Femtio specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Output: 10W + 10W
  • Playtime: Up to 14 Hours
  • Codec: APT-X
  • Water Resistance: IPX6
  • Others: Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, Built-in Mic, USB-C Port

Sudio Femtio design

The speaker looks fantastic in terms of style, aside from an elegantly crafted retail case. The style is suitable for use in a home office, kitchen, or anywhere else with a flat surface.

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

The Sudio Femtio is made of dark gray fabric and has a tube shape. It is backed by four small rubber feet and sits on top of a rectangular base that houses the battery.

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

Every side of the speakers has a gunmetal finish, which adds to the speakers’ stylish and premium appearance.

Buttons on top of the speakers are self-explanatory even a kid can get this working in less than a minute. The USB Type-C port and the audio input are sealed to make the speakers waterproof at some level.

Although the backports are tightly sealed by a rubber, I had to add a “DIY” puller to make it easier to open the port when I wanted to charge the speaker.

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

Audio Quality

The Sudio Femtio has a chance to outperform the competition in this category. Despite its diminutive size, the device is powerful enough to fill a small bedroom for a quick “Netflix and chill nights”.

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

The audio quality is surprisingly fine, based on my personal tastes. They have a deep bass response and a warm sound signature. But don’t max out the volume because the audio will be distorted.

Overall, it has a fantastic sound, which I liked.

The sound quality degrades, or should I say becomes choppy, as the host device shifts away from the speakers. So, to maximize the sound experience, keep the host device — in my case my smartphone, close enough to the speakers.


If you don’t abuse it, and I mean audio playback with normal audio volume, you can get up to 10 hours, or even more. I already put the charger when the battery LED light indicator turned red.

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

Filling the battery with a USB Type-C cable takes about four hours, which surprised me because this cable technology already allows for quick charging.


The Sudio Femtio is an outstanding Bluetooth speaker with great audio. It has a sleek theme that would look fantastic on a nightstand or in a living room. The sound quality is excellent, with plenty of bass and volume.

Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

With solid construction and IPX6 waterproof security, you can’t go wrong with this Bluetooth speaker.

Sudio Femtio Pricing

Now available for P6,600 but you can take a 15% discount when you use our discount voucher code: techpatrol15. Colors to choose from are black, silver and anthracite.

If you sign up for Sudio Sphere and build an account, you’ll get free shipping and a three-year warranty.


Review Summary

Build & design - 8.5
Audio performance - 9.2
Charging port design - 7.9
Price - 8
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