Sudio TOLV: What’s there to like?


Have you heard of this brand? I did a quick search on Tech Patrol’s website and it returned a zero result. Nadaaaahh.

But we don’t have to worry about it because a couple of months ago, Teknogadyet’s founder Anjie delos Reyes referred us to Sudio.

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Sudio then chose Tech Patrol as one of their online collaborators in testing and providing truthful reviews on their products after a few email exchanges.

That’s where the relationship started.


Now on to the subject matter — The Sudio TOLV TWS Earphones which cost P5,500 if you buy it directly from their website.

Sudio TOLV TWS Price Philippines

But don’t worry, if you are creative enough and do a little more research, you can score it a much cheaper price. Look at this quick search result I did with Google.

Sudio TOLV TWS Price Philippines
Sudio TOLV TWS Price Philippines


Sudio TOLV TWS specs

Compatibility: Android, iOS
Playtime: Up to 35 h total
For daily use
Built-in microphone
Range: 15 m
Bluetooth 5.0
Warranty: 3 years with Sudio Sphere
Works with Siri and Google Assistant
Codec: SBC

Unboxing Sudio TOLV colors

Sudio TOLV TWS Review Philippines

In case you are already bored with the usual black color, Sudio TOLV offer five other colors to choose from. Green, pastel blue, white, pink, black and anthracite.

Unboxing Sudio TOLV TWS Earphones

The packaging for this TWS has a premium feel to it. As a result, the price is easily justifiable. Here’s the retail package looks like.

Sudio TOLV TWS Price Philippines
Sudio TOLV TWS Price Philippines

Sudio TOLV First Impressions

The naming convention was the first thing I noticed. What’s TOLV? What is in it… Here’s what their website has to say about this TWS Earbud.

With its wireless design, minimalistic charging case, and microphones on both sides, Tolv is the perfect match for any adventure. The sophisticated earbuds hold 7 hours of battery life while the portable case offers 4 additional charges for an astounding 6 days of standby life. Tolv introduces a new graphene driver for intense and clear sound quality. It also features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology compatible with IOS and Android, and up to 15 meters of range. Elevate your musical experience with Tolv!

Sudio TOLV TWS Review Philippines

The charging case and the earbuds themselves are covered in a leather-like finish. It’s also extremely light, making it simple to transport and store in your pouch or pocket.

Sudio TOLV TWS Review Philippines

The leather strap holds a laminated sheet of paper with the device’s specifications and a short instruction on the back that says “Charge before use.”

Sudio TOLV Audio Quality

They say appearances can be deceiving, but if the presentation is already pleasing, combined with excellent audio quality, we’ve hit the jackpot.

Sudio TOLV TWS Review Philippines

I can’t help but compare this to the Lypertek TEVI TWS, which we recently featured from our friends at Digital Walker. And to be honest, the TOLV wins already in terms of audio quality.

In my ears, the treble and bass are crystal clear, providing crisp audio.

To make it clear I used Youtube playbacks and voice calls to test it.


There’s only one thing about this TWS Earbud that I don’t like: the use of micro USB. For a device that costs P5,500, I believe it is appropriate to use cutting-edge technology. USB Type-C would have been preferable.

Sudio TOLV TWS Review Philippines

Also, the charging case does not stand vertically. But that’s just me. It is not a deal-breaker.

The sound quality is the best thing. The audio quality is excellent. I can clearly hear the treble and bass.

Do you want to buy one? Check out my affiliate link down below.


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