Taiwan Excellence taps Gloc-9, Keiko Necesario for inspiring music video

Taiwan Excellence tapped rapper Gloc-9 and indie song artist Keiko Necesario for an inspiring music video that intends to show Taiwan as a good role model of innovation, battling a debilitating pandemic, and its vision for progress.

With meaningful words provided by Filipino master rapper extraordinaire Gloc-9, regarded as a “blacksmith of words and letters,” and Keiko, both delivered the video that also showed Taiwan’s willingness to share its expertise to help build a better world and a brighter future.

Gloc-9 is no stranger to Filipinos. This award-winning master Filipino rapper, singer, and songwriter are noted as one of the best in this present generation of rappers in the Philippine music industry. He is regarded as one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the country, with his trademark fast-flowing or “motor mouth” style when it comes to rap.

The lyrics of his songs commonly drive awareness about poverty, patriotism, social injustice, and other socially-charged issues that confront Philippine society.

More than its beautiful landscapes, its people, and eye-catching tourist attractions, Taiwan is also regarded as a country known for its trademark quality and innovation philosophy.

And the fact that Taiwan is more than willing to share its knowledge, expertise, and innovation to other countries that may need them, especially in overcoming this pandemic and its accompanying challenges, speaks volumes of the country’s desire to continue to strive for excellence.

The original song was composed by Gloc-9 and accompanied by a music video, primarily hoping to reaffirm Taiwan Excellence’s philosophy of promoting the values of excellence, showcasing its famous brands, and their way of living in Taiwan.

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