Review: Targus Brick Laptop Messenger

It is our first time to review a laptop bag here at, however since we walked away from using desktop several years ago, we have been using laptop for our daily work including office and personal stuff.

Targus was kind enough to send us their laptop messenger back called Brick Laptop Messenger Bag.

The Brick Laptop Messenger bag will fit your laptop up to 14-inch, so the regular mobile workers that has employer-supplied laptop will love this bag. Now, if you are one of those who purchased ultrabooks, then you can pack up to three in this bag but it is not advisable. I tried putting up my 13-inch Macbook Air and Acer S3, and it was ok.

The bag without any load weighs only 1.47 lbs, so it is very light.

You will be happy with this messenger back, it has lots of pockets for all your gadgets – from your laptop, to your cables and charges, office papers and notebooks, pens, coins maybe, business cards, and a lot more.

The messenger bag is designed as a middle-end affordable model. If you are a loyal customer of Targus, you can say that buying one will not waste your money. It is a good investment for your gadget. I have had one Targus back pack I bought in Singapore last year and I was happy with it.

The laptop compartment is secured enough and well padded, you will never worry on minor bumps while walking around. The compartment is secured by a magic tape to make the laptop inside held tightly.

It has a divider so that you can put additional stuff like folders and papers, or additional Ultrabook or Tablet for that matter.

The strap is adjustable and has a lock which you can set once you are comfortable with your configuration.

Targus Brick Messenger is available in all Targus Stores in the Philippines, you can check out select SM Department Stores, Robinsons, Duty Free in NAIA, AShop, PowerMac, and Games and Gadgets.

Overall, Targus Brick messenger laptop bag is highly recommended. The brand Targus is known in making quality backpacks for laptop, the messenger bag will be a good investment. Because it is lightweight, it will not strain your shoulders in carrying your stuff, plus it has padded adjustable shoulder strap and a comfortable wrapped handle.

SRP is TBD, we would like to confirm it to Targus. We promise to get back about that.

UPDATE: SRP of Brick Laptop Messenger is P3,999

You can check out Targus in the social media – Targus Facebook, Targus Twitter.


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