The Best Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts to Save the Day!

Here is what to anticipate from Beyond the Box’s Mother’s Day Special.

And sure, from May 10–17, 2023, she deserves an Apple gadget with savings of up to P15,000!

There are only a few days until Mother’s Day, so stop searching for the perfect present for Mom. She deserves it; therefore just for this particular day, BTB is providing select Apple items with discounts of up to P15,000 and other thrilling offers.

Maybe you want to give mom (or any mother figure, for that matter) the Apple experience: an iPhone for keeping up with the hottest online news and gossip, an iPad for her binge-watching teleserye or K-dramas; or even accessories for her gadgets that will make life easier. If so, head to the Beyond the Box website,, and check out the deals.

Mom always goes above and above for us, so above the Box is taking her lead and providing more offers with your shopping list.

You will receive a Casestudi Foldable Keyboard for free when you buy an Apple iPad 10th generation, Apple iPad Pro 4th generation, or Apple iPad Pro 6th generation. That is a gift with a value of P2,690. It’s perfect for accomplishing tasks while on the go and quickly sync to her new iPad. When not in use, the keyboard neatly folds into a small rectangular shape, so it should also fit in mom’s handbag. Here is a place to shop.

If you buy an iPhone 11 (late 2020), you’ll get a complimentary Casetify Ultra Impact case. This phone may be the ideal gift for mum, offering reliable performance even now, years after its release, at an affordable price. Additionally, the phone is already receiving the necessary protection, so the same offer covers all the Ws. Purchase one at this time.

The Mother’s Day special continues after that. Would you like to get mom an Apple Watch or a different iPhone model besides the iPhone 11? With every purchase from Beyond the Box, you’ll receive a P500 discount coupon for HidrateSpark bottles. These bottles will remind mom to drink and eat throughout the day, just like she does for you! Get one by clicking here!

If this price makes you want to buy various accessories, like cables, chargers, and power adapters, you’ll receive an even more significant discount. Customers who purchase two of the specified things from the categories above will get a 10% discount, and those who check out three of the specified items will get an additional 5% discount, giving them a total of 15% off their Mother’s Day purchase.

What, then, are you waiting for? Grab the chance to be Mom’s favorite child and show her how much you appreciate her because Mother’s Day is just around the horizon. Earn BTB Badges by making purchases right now at For every peso spent, you get one badge! Free shipping is also available in Metro Manila for purchases over P2,000. Additionally, Tendopay lets you choose to pay in installments.

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