, Day 1.

Finally, after several months of thinking about it, choosing names for this site, and Yuga’s (Abe Olandres) consistently pushing us to start a blog; today March 14, 2010, ( is born!

Welcome to my digital world!

Hang on and be patient as I am not a writer or a blogger.. yet. I am just another wannabe, an IT account manager by day and a hobbyist photographer after 6.30 pm.


Edit: On November 14, 2014, we rebranded to what is known today as Tech Patrol.

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Raffy Pedrajita

is Rafael Pedrajita offline. He is the founder of Tech Patrol. He's been a freelancer and a blogger since March of 2010. He married a beautiful woman named Amor. You can follow him on his Social Media accounts in the links below.


  1. God Bless Spidey. I just thought these were appropriate words as comment #1. I’m sure many will appreciate your blogs, photography and otherwise.

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