The pretty Pinay models

THE MANILA INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW 2010, and few of its models.

Of course, pretty women will always be a good combination of pretty nice expensive cars. As we shop around to check new models, jaw-dropping cars, we would occasionally see group of photographers shooting models. As an amateur and hobbyist I joined them also, anyway its free. 🙂 To the few that I chanced upon, I asked them courteously if I can take photos of them which they said yes, and eagerly posed.. (As if I was a pro photographer.. haha!)

Anyway, here are few of the models from the 2010 Manila Int’l AutoShow. Drum roll please….

Pinay model

And the others who are equally pretty. 🙂

And, to all the fans of Russ Swift, my lens caught him doing autograph in the Show.


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