I was also at Pinoy_Blogfest 1.0

Yes, I was there too!

Image by DigitalSpidey

Because I want to be empowered, I want to learn, be educated in this new avenue that I am right now. Shout out again to my friend Abe Olandres, he sent me short notice and since it weekend, excited as I am, I woke up early today. I usually abuse weekends by waking up past 10AM but this time its different, I woke up just the regular weekdays. Of course, because I am attending Pinoy_Blogfest 1.0 by Gadget Magazine.

Familiar and famous names were present there like Ira Panganiban talked about Bloggers as Media Practitioners, Ms. Yvonne Chua of Vera Files talked about Creating a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics, and Abe Olandres who talked about Optimizing the Economic Potential of your Blog.

I have taken photos of the event. And, I’d like to share them to you.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Pinoy_Blogfest1.0 016.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 007.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 008.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 024.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 028.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 022.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 029.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 030.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 036.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 044.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 045.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 047.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 049.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 051.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 055.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 059.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 064.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 077.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 084.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 086.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 093.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 090.JPGPinoy_Blogfest1.0 041.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

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