Erratum: TOP 10 Tech Blogs in PH (Updated stats: Unbox, Pinoymetrogeek & TechPinas)

Last updated on October 16th, 2017 at 09:30 am

We received a report that the recent Top Tech Blogs had an error, at least in one or two entries. We did a re-checking and true enough we found it, hence this erratum post.

top blogs philippines

Unbox.PH is the number 3 tech blogs in the Philippines for September 2017.

Update: We also updated SW’s stats to reflect that of Pinoymetrogeek (PMG), and TechPinas (TP). PMG’s initial figure was the GA stats. For TP, the correct data is now reflected. Also, Hungrygeeks’ number is the GA (Google Analytics). We can’t seem to switch the button to show SW.

TP’s stats before the update.

PMG’s stats before the update.

The error emanated from this button which is visible only on the Similarweb website.

We don’t know that a website owner can connect their Google Analytics data to Similarweb. Also, Similarweb displays the Google Analytics data by default.

But this feature, the toggle switch, is not available in the Chrome extension, which is the default tool that we use in generating the monthly report.

That explains why we picked up the figure 414,644 estimated visits for Unbox instead of 623,393.

The Top 10 Tech Blogs in PH for September (Updated)

After updating and correcting the data we gathered, here’s now the top tech blogs.

No. Name Sept
1 Yugatech 2,958,652
2 Pinoy Techno Guide 1,746,026
3 Unbox 623,393
4 Gadget Match 587,999
5 GizGuide 510,902
6 Manila Shaker 500,206
7 Pinoy Tech Blog 365,556
8 Pinoy Screen Cast 254,941
9 Tech Pinas 219,586
10 Noypigeeks 211,251

The next

11 Back2Gaming 200,217
12 Teknogadyet 191,029
13 Revu 127,195
14 Tech Patrol 108,576
15 TJS Daily 103,681
16 Technobaboy 99,659
17 Pinoy Metro Geek 76,177
18 Ron Not The DJ Blog 37,906
19 SwirlingOverCoffee 37,268
20 Ilonggo Tech Blog 35,141
21 Gadget Pilipinas 33,805
22 Hungrygeeks 33,267
23 Mobile Tech Pinoy 23,569
24 Jam Online 20,731
25 Adobotech 20,223
26 Filipino Tech Addict 13,279
27 The Technoclast 8,032
28 Taragis 6,923
29 Tips Geeks 5,504
30 GizmoManila 4,084
31 DR on the Go 1,294
32 Davao Geekhub 310
33 TechTV
34 X Stig

Our sincerest apologies for this mistake.

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