ePLDT inaugurates the biggest DR facility in PH

ePLDT inaugurates the biggest disaster recovery (DR) facility in the country, the VITRO Clark DR Site.

The DR facility will service the North Luzon enterprise client of ePLDT. It has a world-class facility seated on a 6, 909sqm floor area. It is expected to house 2,300 DR seats. It is seismic zone 4 compliant, has N+1 Genset config and 24/7 security and customer support.

Al Panlilio PLDT

With Clark composed of several business and transit hubs, such as the Clark Special Economic Zone, Clark Freeport Zone, and the Clark International Airport, it continues to rise as a premier business and tourist destination—attracting both local and foreign investors alike. Clark is also among cities cited by the government as a recovery site in the national contingency plan—making it an ideal location for the DR site.

ePLDT Group promises to support the business continuity efforts of enterprises in the country—offering services such as data backup and alternative office spaces. Enterprises interested in fortifying their disaster recovery plans can choose from the facility’s dedicated or shared seats—with the former providing companies with an office space that mirrors their current headquarters, and the latter providing a more cost-efficient space, shared with other tenants. 

While the site can initially house 246 DR seats, it is set to expand to over 2,300 throughout its continued development, with the mission of becoming the top-of-mind back-up facility for enterprises. Likewise, it also boasts of the same features signature of ePLDT’s VITRO Data Centers, such as its being seismic zone 4-compliant, making it able to withstand earthquakes of up to intensity 8; it’s N+1 Genset Configuration—ensuring the operational continuity in the event of power failures, and it’s 24/7 security and customer support.

ePLDT Chairman of the Board Al Panlilio shared that the launch of the site works in fulfillment of the PLDT group’s mission of nation-building. 

“We have always believed that our business goes beyond ICT and digital services. We’re providing our customers with solutions that will improve their operations and in turn, allow them to better serve their customers and our society as a whole,” he said. 

“This initiative is but a testament to that commitment—allowing us to provide true end-to-end support for our customers, no matter the circumstance,” Panlilio reiterated.


the PLDT group has stayed at the forefront of laying the infrastructure necessary for Clark to adopt newer technologies and accommodate even more businesses. Among other key investments in the area include the VITRO Data Center facility— the first of its kind throughout the Central Luzon area; and the deployment of the country’s first 5G network.

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