Why I love to use OPPO A17 daily



The OPPO A17 was made to meet the needs of mobile consumers and professionals. For me, dependable qualities make it ideal for regular use.

Its large 6.56-inch HD+ IPS display makes it a perfect daily media player and a productivity device.

The leather-feel design looks premium and thin at only 8.29mm, making it easy to use all day.

Storage & RAM are expandable

OPPO A17’s has 64GB of internal storage and supports microSD cards up to 1TB in capacity.

Given this, I will have enough space for their downloaded streaming shows, images, music, and other items.

Given the generous storage and enough space, I don’t have to pick and choose which images to keep.

It also has 4GB of RAM; when I need more, I can add up to 4GB more via virtual RAM extension. 

This lets me run programs faster and switch between them more easily. 

RAM Expansion moves free ROM to RAM to make room for resource-intensive programs and enhance performance.

Confidence in the 5000mAh battery

With its enormous 5000mAh battery, the OPPO A17 can last a day of serious use for apps, media, photography, and more. 

This is ideal for me, who needs a smartphone for these activities. 

I can make long hours of phone calls or watch many YouTube videos and Tiktok short videos on a full charge when using its 10W charging capability. 

It makes me less worried about the battery life because it has a “Super Power Saving Mode” that helps use every last bit of power when the battery is at 10%. 

While the Super Nighttime Standby function makes use of artificial intelligence to understand users’ sleeping patterns and reduce power consumption, bringing nighttime battery utilization down to 2%–3% of the device’s total capacity,

With the 10W charger, the OPPO A17 battery can be charged quickly.


The OPPO A17 is a dependable smartphone for somebody who does multiple daily tasks.  I was assured that there would be enough storage for my short videos and photos. 

The RAM Expansion was also insurance should I need additional resources.  

And the 5,00mAH huge battery capacity is more than enough for a whole day of work and fun.

But wait! OPPO A17 is available in OPPO brand stores, partner dealers, and official stores on Shopee, Lazada, and Tiktok Shop. Get yours now!

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