Best practices for bloggers reviewing free products according to Google

Google is king.

You should follow regulations. You must implement rules otherwise your site will be hurt. So bad that your articles won’t show up in Google search.

So recently, Google reminded bloggers and webmasters to follow best practices in reviewing free products.

In the March 11 post on the Google Webmaster Central blog, it says:

Bloggers should use the nofollow tag on all such links because these links didn’t come about organically (i.e., the links wouldn’t exist if the company hadn’t offered to provide a free good or service in exchange for a link). Companies, or the marketing firms they’re working with, can do their part by reminding bloggers to use nofollow on these links.

This is very timely since most of us bloggers get review units and sometimes, brands might be glad about how you did the review and decide to just give the item to you.

There are three pointers Google reminded the bloggers.

1. Use the nofollow tag. Brands or companies might give you items to review and require you to link back to their sites so that they also get a good ranking. Google is clear about its statement – “bloggers should use the nofollow tag on all such links because these links didn’t come about organically

2. Disclosure. Always disclose. That has been our rule at Tech Patrol News that if we review products from an advertiser, for example, we disclose it at the end of the blog post. But Google suggests to put the disclosure at the top of the post just in case readers won’t finish reading the article.

3. Create original content. Of course. Because each writer or blogger took time, effort, and research to create reviews. Don’t just copy and paste it, my goodness!

Simple rules, right?

Easy to implement but if you are one lazy blogger and just ignore this regulation, your blog posts might no longer show up in the Google search.



  1. It is still a clickable link, but you put a no follow tag rel=”nofollow”, which means you are telling Google that this link is “not” counted as valid link. Example is “Link Text.”

  2. sir what does nofollow tag mean? is it putting the url but not placing a clickable link? sorry, not good at these kinds of terms.

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