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In the Philippines, the majority of people depend on communicating via their mobile phones and the internet. As Filipinos get too attached to the web, it’s good news that both of its telco players offer cheap mobile data services for the consumers. In fact, the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recognized the country’s continuous efforts to give affordable mobile cellular and mobile and fixed broadband services to its people.

To make this more convincing, ITU backed its statement with data, revealing that the mobile data pricing in the country dropped nearly 70% from 2015 to 2016. The agency also explained that this became possible through its two local network operators, which aggressively pushed their mobile broadband services to top its rivalry.

Moreover, in its “Measuring the Information Society 2017” report, ITU computed the countries’ prices of telecommunications services as a percentage of its gross national income per capita (GNI pc) per month. To compute this, the agency noted that GNI measures income received by a country domestically and internationally, while GNI pc basically equates to GNI divided by its population.

With this, ITU claimed that the Philippine Cellular and Broadband prices have become “more reasonably priced.” The two-volume report shows that the country’s mobile cellular prices dropped from 3.42% to a slightly lower 3.2% average GNI pc between 2015 and 2016.

It also revealed that its fixed broadband prices are at 7.1% of GNI pc, coming from 7.53% in 2015, while its mobile broadband prices for 500GB and 1GB worth of data recorded a 2.1% of the country’s GNI pc, respectively.

According to the ITU, the country’s 3G coverage includes 93% of its population, while 80% of the population is covered by LTE or 4G services. The agency also said that the country has “achieved a high level of GSM mobile coverage, with most ICT services provided in duopoly environment.”

In comparison, the Asia and the Pacific region recorded an average of 3.2% GNI pc for mobile cellular prices, 14.5% GNI pc for fixed-broadband, and 5.4% GNI pc for 1GB worth of data. Meanwhile, globally, ITU posted a 5.2%, 13.9% and 6.8% average GNI pc for the prices of mobile data, fixed-broadband, and 1GB of mobile data, respectively. True enough, these confirmed that the Philippines has the most affordable mobile data services compared with other countries.

Technically, as our two network providers keep their eyes on the competition, they have always been pre-occupied by the thought of being the best. And because the rivalry here in the country is only limited to these two telco giants, they must stay competitive by offering great deals with good values. Hence, our local network providers are committed to bringing good data experience to its subscribers. And through their continuous effort, this resulted in various prepaid promos and postpaid plans that are designed for those who prioritize data.

Knowing that cheaper mobile data services could really help consumers, it’s impressive how these telco companies assure their subscribers with low asking price without having to compensate for the quality of their offerings. As a matter of fact, they offer a wide array of deals that have specific target subscribers. This allows consumers to choose from these promos, and decide which one serves them best without spending too much.

Smart’s Always On Promo

Consumers can also expect that the mobile data experience here in the Philippines will keep improving and get even more affordable. For instance, in 2011, Smart Communications, Inc. offered its Always On 300 promo that gave its subscribers an underwhelming 250MB for 30 days. Three years later, they launched an improved promo dubbed as Big Bytes 50. This was packed with 150MB of mobile data and Free Spinnr for 7 days. In 2015, this package was upgraded to 300MB of mobile data, 500MB of Spinnr, 100MB of Youtube and SkypeQik for 3 days.

Smart’s Giga Surf 50

Today, Smart’s banner promo “Giga Surf 50” is a big leap from its past deals. Through this promo, subscribers can enjoy 1GB of mobile data plus in addition to 300MB of their chosen apps. This promo is valid for three days.

If you’re going to observe, the data reflects that as the demand for mobile data rises, Smart also elevates its packages to meet its subscribers’ needs. Impressively, its promos are becoming cheaper, too. Hence, as they prioritize our growing request for a seamless data experience, these companies will always adapt and come up with promos that can satisfy our desires.

Really, through the year, the Philippine mobile data services are becoming more affordable, giving us an assurance that these promos will only get better.

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