Up to 50% discount from Cherry’s 9.9 Sale on Lazada and Shopee

The ‘ber months are arrived, and it’s the most delightful time of the year! Get ahead of the holiday rush by getting some Yuletide gifts at amazing prices and discounts as soon as possible. On September 9-10, 2021, Lazada will hold its Super Shopping Day, and Shopee will hold its 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale on September 9-11, 2021.

Now is the chance to spruce up your home with some Cherry Home items, rather than just holiday decorations:

  • The end of the year is approaching quickly, but keeping yourself and your loved ones safe should remain your first priority. Make sure you’re protected at home with the Cherry Air Purifier AP-100, which is now available for only P7,199 (down from P11,990). It has a purification rate of 99.98 percent, a 420m3/hr CADR, and a 4-stage filtering system.
  • With the Cherry Digital Air Fryer, you can unleash your culinary prowess for as little as P3,399 (down from P3,990). It has seven cooking settings and a healthy frying option that cuts the fat in your favorite fried foods by up to 80%.
  • This rainy season, don’t worry about getting your shoes wet since you can simply dry them with the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer, which is on sale for P1,495 (down from P2,990). It’s also antibacterial, so you can keep your shoes not only dry but also sterile.
  • Looking for an extra layer of security, especially in public areas? The Cherry Home Smart Disinfecting Desk Lamp, which was previously priced at P2,999, is now available for only P1,999. With its 36 Watt UVC lamp, it destroys 99.9% of germs and can be controlled manually or by smartphone.
  • Start the Yuletide season off right with a sparkling clean home. The Cherry x Deerma VC20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is now only P2,999, down from P5,390. With its 2200mAh built-in battery and various brush heads, you can clean every nook without worrying about long extension lines.
  • Personal things, particularly those you use on a frequent basis, such as pouches and phone covers, may require further cleaning. With the Cherry UV Sterilizer Cabinet, you can go the extra mile for safety and protection for only P3,499 (down from P3,800). It boasts a 360° complete disinfection system, a 5,000-hour light life, and a 10L capacity, as well as being CE approved.
  • Your next travel necessity is now just a click away. From P3,990 to P1,999, the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer is on sale. It has six temperature settings for hot and cold air, a USB connector for charging other devices and can produce up to one million healthy anions.
  • After a long day, relax with the Cherry Antibacterial UV Humidifier, which is now only P1,999 (down from P2,490). It has a 4L capacity, generates finer water mist from high frequency vibration, and even contains UVC sterilization for cleaner, healthier breathing air. It’s also great for evening use because it doesn’t generate any loud noises and features an essential oil aroma diffuser.
  • Another little but essential item is the Cherry Ionizer with Air Purifier and Humidifier, which costs only P3,399 instead of the original P4,000. With 4-stage air purification, it purifies 99.98 percent of PM 2.5 and emits up to 170 million negative ions (healthy anions).
  • The Cherry 2-in-1 Disinfecting and Deodorizing Device, which can be yours for as low as P1,999 from P2,800, is ideal for keeping enclosed rooms such as cupboards and refrigerators feeling fresh. UV light disinfection, ozone sterilization, and air purification are all included. It also effectively eliminates odors and impurities from the air.

Be a modern-day Santa and start loading up your cart with these gizmos and accessories from Cherry Mobile:

  • Flaunt a phone that is as posh as you by copping the Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Prime for as low as P3,999 from P6,999. It runs on Android 9 Pie and boasts of a massive 6.53” FHD+ TrueView Fullscreen Display.
  • A fan of vibrant hues? The Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Pro is for you! The good news is, you can get it with a Helo LX Fitness Band for just P3,999 from P5,999. It is ideal for capturing picture-perfect moments with its 20MP + 5MP Dual Rear and 20MP Front Cameras.
  • An entry-level smartphone that is packed with features worth more than its price, the Cherry Mobile Omega X is a perfect Christmas gift for only P2,999 from P3,999. Enjoy scrolling through your newsfeed on its 6.2″ HD+ TrueView Teardrop Display.
  • Bring out your maximum gaming potential with the Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max that you can bring home with FREE Tempered Glass, Bluetooth Speaker, Game Controller, Premium Case, and Generic Powerbank 10,000 mAh for as low as P6,999 from its P9,999 SRP! It impressively boasts of Mediatek Helio G90T processor, 18W fast-charging, and liquid cooling technology among many others.
  • The next style icon could be you. Elevate your fits while staying extra safe with the Love Marie Collection Cherry Ion which will be available for just P2,500 from P4,000.
  • Spending more time at home but can’t avoid quick outdoor errands? Make sure you are equipped with extra protection with the Cherry Ion Lite in Rosegold for a very affordable price of just P999 from P2,300. It emits up to 50 million negative ions (healthy anions) which help prevent colds, asthma, allergies, and cough.
  • Looking for a gift for your long list of inaanak? Here’s the perfect choice—the Cherry Ion in Tokidoki Limited Edition designs and UV Sanitizing Wand bundle for P2,999 from P4,999.
  • For the kids and kids at heart, be more playful with your OOTDs with the Cherry Ion in Tokidoki Limited Edition designs that you may get with a FREE Lanyard for only P2,500 from P4,000.
  • If you are more on the basic side, choose from the Cherry Ion Limited Edition and regular colors for just P2,299 each from their respective P3,700 and P3,500 OSRPs. Less flamboyant colors but same level of protection as they emit up to 200 million negative ions (healthy anions), protecting you from germs, airborne viruses, dust, and molds. 


  • Be prepared with full battery while exuding in style, down to your phone accessories with the stylish Love Marie Collection Powerbank 10,000 mAh for just P699 from P1,100 or the Love Marie Collection Powerbank 5,000 mAh for as low as P399 from P700. 
  • Stay in shape and top off your killer outfit with the Love Marie Collection Fitness Watch for only P999 from P2,999. It features a pedometer, heart-rate tracker, activity tracker, sleep monitor, and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Be fit and edgy with the Flare Watch which will be available for just P1,249 from its P2,499 SRP. It is IP68 certified and also highlights health features such as a heart-rate tracker and pedometer. It is compatible with both Android and IOS. 
  • Dance to the beat of your jam or immerse completely in your game with the Cherry Pulse Headphones S2 for just P249 from P280. It has Hi-Fi audio, a wide dynamic range, and enhanced extra bass. 
  • Keep up with your active lifestyle with your favorite song on the background by scoring the Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless S5 also for just P249 from its P280 original SRP.
  • Choose between the Cherry Nitro Port NP10 + Cherry Micro-USB Cable Flat Braided FC10 bundle or the Cherry Nitro Port NP10 + Cherry Type-C Cable Flat Braided FC20 bundle for only P299 from P340 and P360 per bundle. Whatever your choice is, enjoy fast and intelligent charging plus the durability of your cables made with Zinc Alloy and Nylon.
  • Finally, be the coolest kid in the hood by sporting the Cherry x Secret Fresh Hoodie, available for only P1,099 from P1,299.

You deserve an early celebration of the Christmas cheer. Enjoy it as early as now by spoiling yourself and your loved ones with these CHERRY products. Mark your calendars now and get them thru the links below:

  • Shopee:
  • Lazada:

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