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Cherry Action Cam Explorer 2 unboxing and quick review

Six months after Cherry Mobile introduced their first action cam, they released the second generation device with an entirely different specification. The Cherry Action Cam Explorer 2 has become a smarter action camera.

For that upgrade in design and specification, the price of the CAC Explorer 2 becomes fifty percent higher versus the old model.

Here are the improvements on the new action cam.

Cherry Action Cam Explorer 2

The casing looks better and premium with a metal face plate. A bigger and better arrangement of buttons and a slightly protruding camera that comes with a lens cap.

Cherry Action Cam Explorer 2 specs

The device got smarter as it is now powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, has a 2.4-inch TFT touchscreen, WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, a slightly improved battery of 1,050mAH. A 1Gb RAM and 8G internal storage which is run by a 1.3Ghz quad-core processor.

CAC Explorer 2 battery

In terms of size, the CAC Explorer 2 is slightly wider than the first generation, plus the new location and sizes of buttons, therefore they can’t share the same underwater casing.

CM Action Cam V1 vs V2

Talking about the buttons, the CAC Explorer 2 has bigger buttons which are easier to use and on each button are LED notification. The LED beside the shutter button on top blinks during recording, while the LED below the power button blinks red while charging the device and finally the LED light beside the WiFi Hotspot blinks whenever you connect the device to the camera app.

New camera, new IOS and Android app too

You should know also that with the release of CAC Explorer 2 comes a new action cam app too. You have to download the Android and IOS app. To find it in Google Play, you have to search for CAC Explorer 2 Android App.

CAC Explorer 2 Android App

Connecting the CAC Explorer 2 cam to the Android App

While you can record video and snap photos using the buttons in the camera, you can likewise control it via the provided Android app.

To connect the action cam to the app, you need to press the WiFi Hotspot button found on the left side of the device. The LED will flash signaling that it is now waiting to connect to the app.

Download the CAC Explorer 2 app from this link.

CAC Explorer 2 WiFI Hotspot button

Cherry Action Cam Explorer 2 unboxing

There is nothing better than putting up a video unboxing to appreciate it better. So here’s our quick unboxing video of the Cherry Action Explorer 2.


I took a very quick footage out of the CAC Explorer 2 and I noticed an improvement especially in the colors. It renders true color and images are clear and crisp.

But since this camera is now an Android device, it apparent that the UI is far different from the old model. I was not able to see the video settings wherein you can change the frames per second recording.


Similar to the old model, the CAC Explorer 2 comes with lots of accessories. It has bike mount, underwater casing, bare frame, and since you can use this as dash cam, it comes with a dashboard cam holder.

CAC Explorer 2 Accessories

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Currently, the Cherry Action Cam Explorer 2 is still one of the most affordable action cam at only P5,999. Considering the huge upgrade by adding Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, the action becomes smarter. You can do more than just capturing footages and action shots.

You can push automatic updates through the pre-installed Social Networking app Facebook and Instagram. And with Facebook live, you can broadcast from your action cam anytime.

The only downside of having Android OS on a 2.4-inch TFT display is the size of the fonts. It is very difficult to type password and input characters when needed.

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