Twenty five productive things you can do with an old smartphone

Got an old rusty smartphone but still working? We prepared some 25 uses of old smartphones, hang in there.

Yep, the same phone that you bought for more than P30,000 (USD635) five years ago and still kicking but more or less irrelevant now because you got the latest one with Android 6.0 also known as Marshmallow.

The old guy even if you retired him at an early age and is collecting dust in one of your office drawers begging for attention.

Yelling and telling you that he is still useful!

So we did a little research on how old but a working smartphone can be productive again.

Here are the 25 random and productive uses of old smartphones

Uses of old smartphones

When smartphone was introduced to the consumer market, it replaced a lot of other things done independently.

They replaced your MP3 player, your alarm clock, your eBook reader, and a lot more.

We looked at some 25 usages of an old smartphone and we hope that this can be useful, shareable, and something that you can learn from.

If you have other things in mind, please add them in the comments section and we will update this post with credits to you.

Uses of old smartphones

MP3 or music player. If you still keep your favorite playlist on your hard drive, you can start moving them into a high-capacity microSD card. Go to Google Play and find the best audio player that suits your taste.

Spotify player. A dedicated Spotify player? Why not. I keep my favorite albums and even download some so that I can listen to them when I am offline.

Remote control. When LG introduced LG introduced G2, they also integrated a remote control app since the phone has an infrared. If that old smartphone of yours has infrared, then find a remote control app and it is good to go.

Dashcam. Don’t buy another camera for your car. Get that old smartphone, put at least 32G of microSD you now have a dashcam without hurting the bank.

Prepaid reloading unit. For the enterprising individuals, you can take advantage of the dual-SIM features of that aging smartphone in your drawer. Sell prepaid credits without buying a new phone.

Sell it! This should be in the last part of the post. But, yeah sell it! But don’t wait until that smartphone lost its value. Sell it as early as possible. Within six (6) months, that old guy must go. You can use the proceeds of the sale to buy another gadget or simply save it for emergency purpose in the future.

Donate to charity. If you are feeling generous, donate it.

Emergency backup phone. Just make sure you always check if the battery is fully charged. This makes wonder especially when you are traveling and you have no access to wall socket or power bank for quick charging.

Digital clock. Be creative enough to find a decent dock. Also, uninstall or disable other apps so that the battery of that old smartphone can last longer.

Alarm clock. There is no need to buy another alarm clock. All smartphones have a pre-installed clock and its alarm clock works the same as the dedicated one available in gadget stores. Use it.

eBook reader. Smartphones that has at least 5.5-inch display are good eBook readers too. As a dedicated device for reading eBooks, it is advised that you also uninstall other apps or perhaps disable them. I suggest that you remove Facebook and other social networking apps. They are great distractions when reading.

Digital photo frame.  This is recommended for old smartphones with at least 5-inches display and above. You will enjoy the big screen to display old photos. There are two (2) suggested tricks here. One is to load your selected photos and arrange them in folders to a microSD. Second is you can download an app called Digital Photo Frame Slideshow. The app pull online gallery of photos from your Facebook, Flickr or Google.

Weather center. No need to wait for Kuya Kim for the news weather report at TV Patrol. You can customize your old phone as a weather center.

Fitness timer. Similar to the digital clock, all smartphones comes with a timer. Use it.

Boxing timer. If your boxing gym does not have a timer, you can download Boxing Interval Timer both in Google Play or IOS app store.

Digital radio. Go classic and listen to FM radio. Most of the smartphones have FM radio built-in. You just need to plug an earphone to be used as an antenna.

Dedicated Youtube player. Why not! Just remove and disable other apps that will surely distract you while watching Youtube.

Sound recorder. If you are a reporter or a blogger, there is no need for another device to record that interview.

Digital camera. Of course! This works especially for Microsoft smartphones. They have a beautiful camera. You can use it as a dedicated camera for your still photos and video recording needs.

VR player. This requires compatibility test. Don’t buy a VR headset yet. Test that old smartphone if it will work on your VR headset.

Call and text phone. Come on! It is the base design of the smartphone. As a matter of fact, there are people that does not utilize the entire features of a smartphone. Use it for call and text only and you will be surprised the battery will last for several days.

Donate to Globe’s Project 1. Similar to donate to charity, but Globe Telecoms, a Philippine telco has a CSR program called Project 1. See details in this post.

Donate to i-rEcover, i-rEcycle by Ayala Group. 

Video recorder. Not all smartphone can take beautiful video and clear audio. Go and check that old smartphone if it works as a video recorder, now you don’t have to worry about your next unboxing and video review. Ayt!

Kid’s toy. Just remove the battery. It can be an educational material for your little man.

Do you have other things in mind to add to this post? Share them in the comments section and we will add it here with credits.

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