Buy Cherry Home UV Disinfecting Desk Lamp get FREE tote bag

Cherry Home is running a whole-month promo called Total Protect Duo Promo.

During the promo, you may get the Cherry Home UV Disinfecting Desk Lamp with a FREE tote bag for P2,999 and the UV Sterilizer Wand that comes with a FREE micro USB cable for P1,800

Cherry Home UV Disinfecting Desk Lamp

Cherry Home Smart UVC Disinfecting Desk Lamp

The UV Disinfecting Desk Lamp from Cherry Home has a 36-watt UVC lamp that destroys 99.9% of germs. It has a 30-square-meter coverage area and 360-degree room security. It can also be operated manually or via your smartphone and has an auto-safety feature that turns off after 30 minutes of continuous use. Finally, it has motion detection and shuts down automatically if motion is detected within a 3-meter range.

Cherry UV Sanitizing Wand
The UV Sterilizer Wand, on the other hand, has a compact design and high sterilization performance, enabling you to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in any room of your building. Apart from the foundation, it’s also water-resistant, allowing you to clean even your pet’s drinking water. It has a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB charging and can last up to two and a half hours while in use.
This dynamic duo is indeed something you should have at home not only to be extra confident of the safety of your family but even of your fur babies. Catch this promo at All Home, TrueValue, and Handyman participating stores.

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