CNET: 22,500 units of LG G2 stolen

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A delivery truck containing more than 20k units of LG G2, the flagship smartphone of LG were reported to be missing. This happened in the US two days ago, CNET reports.

LG G2, Stolen LG G2

The delivery of LG G2 is for Sprint, a major global internet provider and telco in the US,  which is expected to launch LG G2 by November.

The delivery truck were literally stolen while the driver went for quick call of nature break, when he returned where he parked, the truck is already missing. The report was confirmed by LG representative to CNET.

The incident happened in Gary, Indiana. The local police is now conducting the investigation including the FBI.

LG G2 is the current flagship smartphone by LG, it was launched here in the Philippines on September 29, 2013 and made available in Globe Postpaid FREE on Plan 1799. LG G2 retails at P27,990 in the Philippines.

Currently we are reviewing the black version which we got for only P10,400. We’ll make a separate story about this. 😉




  1. What? all because of LG G2’s superb specs and features it has now been stolen! Those burglers will fall inlove with the G2’s rear key im sure.. Still a very upseting news..

  2. Hope this will not happen in other countries. I’m living here in the Philippines and LG is attaining its goal in acquiring its desired market share.

  3. I hope they get to get it back. 🙁

    On a side note, I heard it’s available at globe “yours at 1399”.

  4. This is a sad story.. hope they do get it back.. one way or another

    And yeah, it’s a 999 postpaid plan with 400 cashout/monthly for 24months 🙂

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