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Consolidate your IM apps

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Most of us have more than one IM’s and each of them you download and install in our own PCs.  Your fresh laptop/PC as soon as you start installing different apps becomes slower and slower very soon.

How about consolidating your IM’s into just one app which you can still log in at the same time? That would be a good idea; previously I reported that Yahoo! Messenger has integrated already Facebook chat.

So, if you have Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Facebook, GoogleTalk and yes, even if you have multiple Yahoo! Messenger – it works!

IMO.im is the solution. I have been using this for more than six (6) months now and I pretty happy with it and it is FREE. IMO.im is a web-based apps that allows users to do chat, voice, and video chats on multiple IM  protocols. Currently it supports protocols to include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger.  You don’t need to register to IMO.im also.

Here is a screenshot of what I have in my laptop.



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Raffy Pedrajita

is Rafael Pedrajita offline. He is the founder of Tech Patrol. He's been a freelancer and a blogger since March of 2010. He married a beautiful woman named Amor. You can follow him on his Social Media accounts in the links below.


  1. Hello buddy.

    I have come to know about IMO just before few days. I have found it awesome!
    I have surfed the internet for more info about the IMO because i was wanted to write a post on it.

    I have a news for you, IMO has launched IMO-Now the voice and video service. you can check it out here : http://blog.imo.im/2011/06/imo-launches-imo-now.html

    You may be interested to see my post on IMO at my blog.. [ http://technologytracks.wordpress.com/?p=131

    – Darshan

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