12 Digital Walker Gadgets to buy on Lazada’s 12.12 Grand Year End Sale

From December 10-12, Digital Walker joins Lazada on its year-end sale with big-brand discounts of up to 80% off! It’s a sale event you can’t miss out on, with quality electronic products available at prices much, much lower than their regular prices.

The country’s largest retailer of premium gadgets and accessories, Digital Walker, presents 12 great deals this holiday season:

1. AEE Lyfe Action camera at P1,590 (regular price is P7,990)

2. Aftershokz Trekz Air earphones at P5,990 (regular price is P8,590)

3. By the Way power banks such as 2,000 mAH at Php 100 (regular price is P290), 6,000 mAH at Php 170 (regular price is P490), and 12,000 mAH at P230 (regular price is P690)

4. Coloud The No. 8 headphones at P990 (regular price is P1,450)

5. Fuse Chicken cables and mounts such as Armor Travel Lightning Cable at Php 500 (regular price is P1,990), Bobine Lightning Cable at P500 (regular price is P1,950), and Bobine Blackout Everywhere Mount at P500 (regular price is P1,950)

6. Inst360 Nano, which turns your iPhone into a 360-degree VR camera at P3,890 (regular price is P12,990)

7. Leadtrend Cable Holder at P90 (regular price is P590)

8. Marshall bundle with Marshall Stockwell speaker and Marshall Major II headset at P13,450 (regular price is P8,100)

9. Marshall bundle with Marshall Kilburn speaker and Marshall Major II Bluetooth headset at P16,950 (regular price is P23,450)

10. Motorola Dashboard Camera at P990 (regular price is P4,990)

11. Panoclip Snap On 360 Lens at P1,490 (regular price is P2,990)

12. YeeLight smart bulb color light at P527 (regular price is P90)

For more details, check this link or go to Digital Walker Facebook page.

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