Second Generation ECOOTER launched in the Philippines

Ecooter E2 is the second-generation electric scooter from Da Yang Motors which is distributed in the Philippines by Sobeler Corporation. They have a showroom in Caloocan and in EDSA near the MRT Ortigas station.


The NEW electric scooters include the Ecooter E1 2019 model, Ecooter E2 L, and Ecooter E2 R.

ecooter e2 philippines

The Ecooter E1 2019 is an upgrade of the first generation E1 series which was launched in 2018.

Ecooter E2 L

The Ecooter E2 L is the most affordable scooter with a price tag of P95,000 only. The E2L has a top speed of 75kph and can bring you to 80km destination on a single battery charge.  The E2L’s battery has 64V 20Ah capacity and can be filled up to 100% full within just 2.5 hours. The E2L has a torque of 32/105Nm and has a power of 2,500W.

ecooter e2 philippines

Ecooter E2 R

The R series is the better version of the E2 series. It will be available for P195,000. The E2R has 4,200W power and has a top speed of 90kph and can travel up to 140km on a single charge. The E2R is powered by a 64V 40Ah battery which can be charged for 5 hours.

ecooter e2 r

The E2 series has a detachable battery, which is nice because you can detach the battery and bring it to your condo and charge it. Also, both the E2 R and E2 L has second battery provision.

Also, the E2 series comes with a mobile app which adds security to the scooter, you can tack it, lock and map your destination.

Ecooter E2 Battery Price

The battery for E2L (64V 30Ah)  cost P50,000 while the one for E2R (64V 40Ah) cost P65,000.


  • Ecooter E1 2019 – P115,000
  • Ecooter E2 L – P95,000
  • Ecooter E2 R – P195,000


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