This Eroc Max Projector will turn any wall into a screen

Eroc, an online retailer focusing on bettering domestic life, has introduced a new product: the Max Projector.

The Max Projector, due out in June, has cutting-edge specs that will elevate your movie-watching experience to new heights.

There are now more ways than ever to watch one’s favorite shows and entertain oneself, thanks to the wide range of media options.

More choices mean consumers can find something that fits their needs and preferences. With the introduction of the Max Projector, Eroc has given consumers another option when shopping for a cutting-edge home theater system.

The Eroc Max Projector requires nothing more than a blank wall. The 4K Ultra HD resolution gives viewers the feeling of being in a real movie theater. It has a projection range of 1.5 to 5.9 meters, allowing for a screen size of 49 to 200 inches.

Attend a lot of basketball competitions?

The Max Projector allows you to enjoy your favorite sporting events and players on a larger screen without leaving the convenience of your own home. Dolby Audio is built to ensure that the audio is just as authentic and transparent as the experience itself.

The days of frustrating delays interrupted viewing, and blurry video are over.

The Max Projector’s 3000 Lumens and 1080P resolution make it possible to enjoy high-quality video even in broad daylight. Users will get the best possible movie-watching experience thanks to the 4K decoding function.

The Max Projector is equipped with the most recent version of the ZEASN Android operating system, allowing for a streamlined user experience.

Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, iflix, Disney+, and every other streaming app available on the App Store are all pre-installed.

The Max Projector includes features that allow users to tilt the screen horizontally and vertically to fit the orientation of their wall.

Other notable aspects of Max Projector include:

  • AI Smart Dimming
  • Electronic Focus Mode
  • 2.4/5G Dual Wi-Fi
  • Multiple Ports/HDMI
  • iOS and Android Screen Mirroring
  • Remote and mouse control
  • Bluetooth

Launch of the Max Projector is scheduled for June 6-8, 2023. In honor of the launch, all purchases made through the official Eroc stores on Shopee and Lazada are eligible for a 44% discount, free shipping vouchers, cashback, 30 days of easy return, and 365 days of free replacement.

The Max Projector will be launched on June 6 to 8, 2023. To celebrate this launch, customers can get up to 44% discount, free shipping vouchers, cashback, 30 days easy return, and 365 days free replacement with every purchase from Eroc’s official Shopee and Lazada shops.

Learn more about this new product from Eroc and visit its official stores:
Shopee Mall:
For inquiries: 400-000-000/0915-098-5720

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