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My name is Raffy, and I’m the guy behind Tech Patrol, a decade-old tech blog.

During a blogger meet-up about five years ago, I was once posed this question by the CEO of a well-known automobile manufacturer. “Raffy, what made you decide to leave your job and start blogging?” he asked. My answer was precise: “Sir, you have no clue whether you can drown in the ocean until you dive in and try to swim.”

When I first jumped into the water, I was fortunate enough to have a friend that we now refer to as a mentor.

I had someone to help me through the whole process, from deciding which platform to use to decide on the right name for the site to writing the first posts.

The blog’s original name was, and I just wrote personal tech stories about things like the phones I use, the cameras and gear I use for my hobby, and so on. That was in the year 2010.

Years later, I rebranded it to what’s known today as Tech Patrol

Following the rebranding, the blog expanded to other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Since YouTube viewers like visual content, I would create content that allows them to enjoy technology in a visual manner. There are a lot of unboxing videos and gadget reviews on there. The most recent blog entries, on the other hand, are shared on Facebook.

Intellifluence also publishes stories similar to this one. It’s the story of Julie, a design professional turned DIY queen who transforms ordinary items into exceptional ones.

Is blogging still relevant in 2021?

The short answer is yes and it will be, in the long run.

The rise of the “influencer” in social media is quite abrupt. From zero followers to millions by just making prank videos and very shallow content, won’t last. 

Blogging, on the other hand, is a long-term outlet, and for those of us who began 10 years ago, it will continue to exist and generate income until we plan to retire.

Does blogging still make money?

Yes…  and no.

I don’t want to let you down, particularly if you’re just getting started with this platform and want to use it to make money in the future. I’ll say that again in the future. Since making money right away isn’t the strategy. You must first establish your name.

No, if you aren’t consistent. No, if your major focus is just the money. Like I mentioned, you have to build your brand from the ground up.

For a long time, I had to write a lot of press releases for free for Tech Patrol. Meet each brand’s public relations staff and establish a long-term friendship with them. I had to write unique stories and honest, impartial reviews, and I eventually gained their confidence.

So to answer the question above, it’s a yes and no. Yes, if you will work hard enough and make good relationships with brands. No, if your main objective is only to make money.


In conclusion, writing niche stories such as what we do here at Tech Patrol is important. You don’t like to confuse your readers. If you are writing tech-related stories, keep it that way, don’t inject other topics. It is quite important because not only your audience may be confused but the search engine as well. You can refer to this story about influencer marketing to know more about tools that you can use to help you in focusing on your chosen niche.

Here at Tech Patrol, we will continue to deliver unbiased content and articles that will help your digital life easier. You can always visit our Reviews Section and our recently reactivated Comparison Section. These sections will guide you in deciding what gadget to invest in.

Tito Raffy

is Rafael Pedrajita offline. He is the founder of Tech Patrol. He's been a freelancer and a blogger since March of 2010. He married a beautiful woman named Amor. You can follow him on his Social Media accounts in the links below.
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