Fitbit Versa Review: Lightweight SmartWatch & Fitness Tracker

Fitbit’s Versa is something you’d keep because of its multi-functionality. Wear it and you have a smartwatch. Use it and you have a fitness tracker.

Here’s our review of the Fitbit Versa.


Fitbit has prepared this device for all. That’s why the smartwatch comes with a classic wristband with an extra that will fit for women users. There is also that proprietary charging cable.

To set it up, you need your smartphone to assist you. You also need to download the Fitbit app.

It will take a few minutes to configure it and once it is complete, you are all set to enjoy the device.


Fitbit Versa has rounded corners and square design. This is called the Squircle design. It is very lightweight.

The classic wristband is a rubber type which can be removed easily. This allows users to purchase third-party wristbands or straps to match their kind of lifestyle.

The home screen is full of information.

I also noticed that the display isn’t maximized, as the bezel of the watch is quite big. The Fitbit logo is nicely printed at the bottom of the display.

Flip it and you’ll the connectors and sensors. When you put the Fitbit Versa in your wrist, these sensors are the ones monitoring your activities.

The four pins make contact to the proprietary charging cable of the device.

The anodized aluminum case, slightly tapered and angled design makes the Fitbit Versa the most lightweight smartwatch you can buy today.


The Fitbit Versa measures 34mm diagonally, and the screen display size is 24 x 24mm.

The display is bright and vibrant. There is no need to worry not to see the display in bright sunlight or during swimming. Yes, you can use this to track your swims. It is water resistant.


The most basic features everybody would love: STEPS. This device monitors your steps and keeps you reminded to move to make you active. There are advanced tracking for serious physical activities such as running, swimming, cycling.

If you want to monitor the quality of sleep, wear it in your sleep and in the morning you’ll get a report. It will tell you what time you had your quality sleep and the time you are awake.

Aside from the Fitbit App, there is a web version as well. That means you can also see the statistics if you want to view it in your browser.

Battery life

Using it as a basic fitness tracker and a watch, this device gave me a five-day battery life. The charger is handy too, you can plug it in any USB port and your smartwatch battery will be full in no time.

Fitbit says it could last 3-4 days. This is perhaps if you are most active.

I just walk and monitor my steps.


If you want an affordable Smartwatch that does a lot, Fitbit Versa is highly recommended.

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It is surely lightweight and stats are very accurate. You can run with it when it is raining or you can measure your laps during your swims.

The advanced features will be loved by active people. So, if you are somebody who runs, bike, and more.. the Fitbit Versa will be the best assistant to record your statistics.


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