A midrange contender: J7 Prime by Samsung

The battle of the midrange is going to be tough when Samsung released J7 Prime. Not only because of its premium design but likewise the performance, battery life and the camera that has a F/1.9 aperture. Stay tuned as we share with you our Galaxy J7 Prime Review.

J7 Prime Review

Design and Build

The 5.5-incher has a metal unibody design just like its 2015 version. It has the signature design of the brand’s Galaxy line up where a physical home button and fingerprint sensor at the same time is flanked by capacitive buttons.

J7 Prime Review

The locations of the buttons remain ergonomic when the volume rocker on the left while the main switch is on the right. What’s odd is the placement of the loudspeakers which they relocated on top of the power button.

J7 Prime Review

The Samsung logo is prominently located in front, right below where the 8MP with F/1.9 and the proximity sensor is located.

At the bottom is the noise-cancelling mic, the microUSB port, and 3.5mm audio port.

The screen is protected by a 2.5D curved display while the metal body is quite slippery which requires a little care otherwise it might slip off your hand easily. A transparent jelly case would best protect the device and improve the grip.

Display and UI

Bright color and crisp color are understatements. This is the phone that you use immediately without having to customize the screen because as it is, the stock settings so to speak is already appealing to the eyes. It is one hell of a gorgeous display for a midrange device. It has a full HD display (1920 x 1080) in full glory making your YouTube watching so clear with its vivid colors popping out.

J7 Prime Review

The only issue which is to us is minor is the TFT display which leaves marks of your fingers on the screen. That is if you have heavy fingers touching the screen. Otherwise, it is alright.

On top of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the TouchWiz UI running the show. If there are “unwanted” apps pre-installed that comes with the UI by Samsung, it was just alright because the device has an ample storage, so it was not an issue.


Casual users like me will enjoy using the Galaxy J7 Prime. The CPU that powers the device is a 1.6GHz Exynos 7870 octa-core. With our favorite apps installed like Facebook, Messenger, Pages Manager, Instagram, Speedtest, OLX, Lazada, Netflix, iflix, Grab, PhotoGrid, Weather Philippines and Spotify, the device handled this very well.  No lags whatsoever were observed during the review of the device.

But the GPS had a little difficulty. During our test, it made the device very hot to the point that we had to turn off the navigation to cool down the device. I hope this is a software issue so that addressing this via a patch is easy.

Antutu gave the Galaxy J7 Prime a high score of 45,913. In Antutu’s list, this device sits on top of Meizu M3/Note3 and at the bottom of Xiaomi M4s.

The 3G of RAM worked smoothly in partnership with the 64-bit 1.Ghz OctaCore CPU.


This is where the Galaxy J7 Prime will go ahead in the race. Both cameras were equipped with F/1.9 opening and with easy to use on-screen exposure control, we’ve had beautiful images out of this device.

J7 Prime Review

Let the photos speak for itself. Here are few of them.

J7 Prime Review

J7 Prime Review

J7 Prime Review

J7 Prime Review

J7 Prime Review

What missing with the 13MP shooter is the image stabilization. This is also true with the 8MP front-camera. You have to make sure to mount a steady hand to get a clear photo, especially on a low-light condition.


But when the light is sufficient, you get a very nice shot with the front camera too.

Amor Cantila

Battery Life

The Galaxy J7 Prime is equipped with a non-removable 3,000mAH battery. Quick charging is not part of its feature, therefore you have to charge the device when you are about to sleep. It will take advantage of the long hours of filling up battery. It requires more than 2 hours.

The positive side of that is the long battery life. With our mobile data turned on (4G/LTE), we had an average of 10 hours of usage. In our home office where we connect it to WiFi, it lasted for more than 24 hours.


OTG support is likewise enabled and it is one of the easiest processes to do. The fingerprint sensor is working 90% of the time. You can unlock the device in any position possible.  There is also a LED notification with the blue light as a default. This turns into green when charging is finished.


We already named OPPO F1s as the best midrange of 2016. But with Samsung coming up with J7 Prime, even at a competitive price of P12,990, the competition become intense. But there are few things that make the J7 Prime ahead of the competition and these are: the battery life, the F/1.9 on its 13MP & 8MP cameras and the maximum storage expansion of up to 256G.

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