Get Great Graduation Gifts at SM Cyberzones

Summer time in the Philippines is also Graduation time! Thousands of students march to its final stage of their schooling, and for the proud parents, thinking of perfect gifts for this kids in the digital generation can be easily spotted at SM Cyberzones.

Students today are more tech-savvy than ever. Most of them are now actively participating in social media and communicating with their classmates through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mailing.


Students make their time at the mall productive while waiting for their meals by using the Free Wi-fi Service at SM City Lipa, they also check their social media accounts using the Free Wi-Fi service of the mall.

Instead of the usual gift items, why not give gadgets or gadget accessories for your graduating loved ones? This would be a great help to them when they go to the next stage of their academic life or when they graduate from college and start working / putting up a business.

This would be perfect to include in your shopping list when visiting SM Cyberzone at SM City Batangas, SM City Lucena, and SM City Naga and at the SM Cyberlane at SM City Lipa.

sm-cyberzonesCyberzone LIPA-Naga

Whether it may be cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, or other gadgets, you’re sure to find the perfect present that will suit your budget and preferences. There are many shops you can go so you have a wide range of choices.

Great gadget deals can be availed at SM Cyberzone – SM City Lucena, while tablet and cellphone deals at SM Cyberzone – SM City Naga
Affordable and quality gadget casing at SM Cyberzone – SM City Batangas; latest camera models at SM Cyberzone – SM City Naga

You can also opt to buy them gadget cases so their gadgets are protected when brought to school or put together in their bags with books, notebooks, etc.

Or have they been asking for a camera for their Photography class or just for capturing moments with their classmates and friends? SM Cyberzone and the SM Cyberlane also have shops where you can get the latest camera models.

There are surely many great gift choices for the Class of 2013 when you shop at SM Cyberzone (SM City Batangas, SM City Lucena, and SM City Naga) and SM Cyberlane (SM City Lipa)!

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